The Smiley Appics 😊 Double Fun😝Challenge WEEK TWO... Hometown/ City 🌆🏙 Let’s ...


... go to the top with Appics and Telos 🚀🚀

(A Bird Eye View, From The Top Of The Planetarium 🪐)...


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Viewed from this perspective it just looks absolutly awesome! 🤩💚Also wish, I could be a bird to enjoy this view! 💖💯


😍 Yes it would be great to be a bird 🦅 for one day. Thank you... 😊

Very beautiful... ❤️

Hmmm A long way to go with appics !😍😆😚


We are moving 🤓

I wish to be a bird to watch this always 💙


Yes Birds 🦅 have the best view 🍀

Wow!! What a spectacular shot from your hometown, I Sooooo wish to visit some day!! I just entered A first Snow Shot On Appics pic for you challenge if you get a chance to check it out, hope you like it!! Its snowing like crazy here right now, I actually also posted 2 colleges just so excited to share my snow pics on Appics!!📲🏔️🥶❄️🥰


Thanks 😊... Snow ❄️ time in Canada so quick... we will check it out 👍

Very beautiful 💯👍What city?


Hamburg in Germany 🇩🇪


Excellent ✌

So beautiful


Thank you 😊

Wow! That's Amazing 👌

A world of green💚


Yes our beautiful nature 🍀💚

  ·  작년

really beautiful dear

  ·  작년

wow..really so beautiful.. good shot

Great shot

Extraordinary ❤

Wow really nice shot

Topview clears the real scenario and the beautiful passes. This is the good entry for participation in this challenge. Thank you very much for sharing such a mind-blowing city

Perfect 👌

Looks genius 🤩👌🏿✨... Hamburg my pearl