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To The Moon 🚀 🌙 With Our Passion!

⚜️⚜️ Starting Week 29 & 30 ⚜️⚜️
Our New Theme Is...

                          💭 🧐
          ROYAL 👑 BLUE WEEK 🦋

You can never go wrong with the color Blue 🔵... Dark Blue has something beautiful and elegant about it... it is really and truly a Royal Color.

Blue is the color to make you feel comfortable and elegant, wherever you go.... even if you are just wearing your T-Shirt 👕 and Jeans 👖.... 😅
Now Christmas is just around the corner it’s a holiday favorite color too...
To bring Joy 🎉 and happiness to others 🥰

So let us start the “Positive Bells” ringing 🔔🔔 for this Two Weeks...

Share your blue passion creatively with Us in any Form... And be Rewarded with “Royal” Tokens

So Let’s Go... 🦋



Good luck 🍀 to all of you... From us 😊🤓😎 The Winchester family, Verbal-d and Sijukehinde...


😊All Smile Accepted Too, Big Or Small 😁 ✅



You Can Win Real APX Currency... 🥇🥇
Which You Can Keep, In This Double 👥 Fun Challenge!

💎💎 7,000 APX Staked Tokens!!! 💎 💎

‼️ So give us your best quality posts!
BE creative, original, and have fun‼️

You can win in two categories!
1️⃣ In... This Week’s Theme ✅
2️⃣ Or... Your Best Smile ✅


3️⃣ Double Chance 👥 Double Fun 😛😜

Created By The Winchester Team,
Aka @Sirwinchester’s Family 💚

How To Join The Smiley Appics Fun Challenge:

‼️📏THE RULES!!!📏‼️

1⃣ 🔹 Important Rules! Please use the hashtag 🔺#smileyappics for your entry so we can find your post.

2⃣ Post a Fun-Post...
You can win... in two categories!
1• The Week’s Theme ✅
2• With Your Best Smile ✅
All fun videos are welcome too!

3⃣ Every two weeks we, The Community Creators 👥, will set a new topic/theme to keep it fun and creative.
🔹 Each participant is allowed to submit...
TWO Entries per week...
Yes! That’s 4 entries for the whole Challenge🔹
( FOUR super chances to Win 🏆 )

4⃣ The Smiley Appics Fun Challenge will 🏃🏾‍♀run🏃🏾‍♂ every two weeks from Friday to Friday, and on the 2nd Friday we announce the winners.

You have two weeks to post and join in on the fun.
The new Challenge starts the next day on Saturday.

5⃣ To all participants, be sure to share, upvote, and leave comments on other community members' entries, as well as, your own. We are sharing 💚Appics Love💚, so don't be shy with your upvotes.
We can all grow together.

So join the Fun! You could be one of the next winners! 💪🏽Let's Go!!!!...👊




🤩A Grand Total Of 7,000

🙀That’s Right! 😱

🚀 We’re taking you to the top... Then to the Moon‼️ 🌙

1⃣🥇1st Place wins and receives 1,000 Staked APX Tokens To BOTH Winners for making us laugh and smile! 👥

2⃣🥈 2nd Place wins and receives 800 Staked APX Tokens To BOTH Winners for making us laugh and smile! 👥

3⃣🥉3rd Place wins and receives 700 Staked APX Tokens To BOTH Winners for making us laugh and smile! 👥

4⃣🎖4th Place wins and receives 550 Staked APX Tokens To BOTH Winners for making us laugh and smile! 👥

5⃣🎗5th Place wins and receives 450 Staked APX Tokens To BOTH Winners for making us laugh and smile! 👥

🔹 Smiley Appics Logo Designed By...
Appics Community Creator @Sijukehinde 🔹


Powered by APPICS - visit us at

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I forgot the challenge of the previous week. Ofcourse this challenge must be remembered. Because this week's challenge is all blue game. Hopefully many will entry. Blue Blue Blue Or Blue Let's goooo 🔵🔵


Welcome on board 🚀💦🐳🐬💙... spreading positive energy ✨⚡️

Let’s go ✨🙏🏿🎊👖👕🧢🦋🐬🌎💦🥣🧊🎽🛼🚙✈️🏙💎🧿


Yes haha 😂 you got it... 🚀

Oh I cannot wait to join this Royal 👑 Blue week I missed the other week ☹️. See you soon my Friends 😍


Yes see you soon... my dear 💐


Super 👍 😊

Woot!! I love the color blue and will try to enter soon, good luck to everyone!! May the best Woman win Lol!!👱🤣😂


Haha 😂 that’s right 🗣

  ·  작년

Lets do this 💙


👍🎉🍾 fun

That's a great news for all of user’s in APPICS. Its a chance to all appics members, i don’t miss this challeng, i participate this week and best wishes for all.


Super 👍 see you in the Challenge 🦋🔷💎



Thanks 😊💙


Please vote for my picture

Let's go everyone


Yes let’s go... 💙 🏃

  ·  작년

A very good news and a very good idea. Congratulations and best wishes to all of us who will be participating in this challenge.


Thanks my friend... yes and good luck to everyone, it’s gonna be fun 🎉🍾