This Sparrow Hawk dived bombed one of the squirrels at my feeder. I have seen a ...

5개월 전

... pair of them stalking the bird feeder all week. Our little birds are on high alert.


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Wow, this time of year they are really foraging for food, I'm glad we Have our chicken coop caged in on top and all around, because they will and have in the past taken the chickens in their talons!!


I am sure they would get them once they find a food source. They are watching our feeders now as we have 100’s of birds all the time

Great photo! I watched a hawk being chased off by crows yesterday. Kind of like them around to catch rodents....


I actually love to see them too. It helps when nature keeps things under control. Merry Christmas to you.


Merry Christmas to you 😀

Wow! That’s very interesting and exciting at the sane time. I hope all small birds are fast and quiet!


The birds are pretty quick but she got one two days ago. ☺️