I would love to pack my bags 🧳, book a plane ticket ✈️, and escape the winter for ...

3개월 전

... a week or two. I’ve been thinking a lot about past years when that was a reliable (and socially acceptable) option, and I could find myself in a warm place near the sea if I wanted.
Now all I can do is plan my next vacation and pretend things open up by summer ☀️. My vacation time is already marked down in my calendar and I really hope not for nothing 🤞.
This photo was taken in one of the Dubai streets when I spent a week there visiting my sister. It was a gorgeous day. We walked around a lot and went to a coffee museum on the way ☕️. Great times! ☺️


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Wishing you all the best, I could never afford to travel other then around where I live, so it hadn't bothered me at all!😉👍✈

Thanks. There’s so much more to life than travelling, that’s for sure! 😉 I tried to steward money towards more important things first and it was often hard to afford. I almost always had connections though, so I didn’t have to pay for accommodation, especially when visiting family and friends. 😊