sun토큰의 힘이 장난이 아니군. 2일간 다른코인들이 10% 빠질때 트론이 10%넘게 오르니 20% 갭이 생기는데 지금 트론시총의 20%면 5억달러 ...

3개월 전

... 정도인데. sun토큰의 가치가 이정도란 말인가?


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Huge stake 😎😎 You are so rich bro 😍


how much trx you stake bro ?

That's great

mining trx 😎as they say strike while the iron is hot👍

I don't understand this language 😌🤔, what about this post?

Wow 😍😍

That's great 🙏🙏

Wow bro 😍😍🎉

That's a lot of stake trx man!

That's really great

Great stake, i will be rich some day

You are so rich man👌

Huge investment already 👍 hope it will done a very good job 😎

W😮W 🙌🏻

Wow really great