Today I was able to see my parents again after four months. Despite the joy of seeing ...

2개월 전

... parents and family again, it was another stormy day.
I sit on the train to my home the last part of the journey goes through a long tunnel, on the other side the internal pressure increases, my hands sweat the pulse rises. But not out of joy .... I associate too many memories and bad feelings with this place. Today it became clear to me again that I fled from weakness, that needs strength.

Many people in this world flee from a village, town or country to start over in an unknown place. Without knowing someone without knowing what will become of it or whether it is better than home, but you still have the courage to face this challenge.

I moved over two years ago and would not regret it one day. In any case, it hurts to leave friends and family behind, but sometimes you have no other choice. Which welfare would you choose for your family and friends or for yourself?


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You actually did right, verasinamarco, you are a wise person. If you have ambition in life, you have seek for it elsewhere! Good job my friend. And what’s nice, you don’t forget your beloved parents and friends. You will be blessed by God.


Thank you, God bless you🙏


viele dank 😘 zum glück hanis düre😅

You can't visit because of the lockdown right?


Yes corona makes everything a little more difficult

I can imagine but some times going Forward is the only thing that matters🙏

no harm in chasing ones dreams... as long as no ones left behind specially parents ❤️ coz end of the day, family is LOVE ❤️ and now that theyre growing old, a minute spent with them is a real treasure for them😍 lets make them rich with beautiful memories ❤️