DUBAI INDOOR FLYING IN FLIGHT Dubai is a one of a kind experience and I’m looking ...

9개월 전

... forward to flying on my own in this air tunnel, that is one of the world’s biggest and tallest!

I have tried first the 2-minutes flight at 262 dirhams 😬, but it’s worth trying! Screening and training are in place before your actual flight.

This is one for the books!


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Indeed mapapa wow ka sa experience :)

Done this when I was in Singapore. @fycee here. Really fulfilling experience!


Great! It’s actually hard doing it alone right? ... A taller and bigger one had opened here in Abu Dhabi unfortunately about 2-3 month we had the lockdown.

O M G!!! Kuya lets skydive next year ☺️☺️☺️☺️


Png myaman lang yun eh like u! At gusto mo pa tlga ulit ha?? Haha


Sulit yun kuya promise. Hahaha pag iiponan ko ulit 😆😆😆


Maharlikha ka talaga! Haha