in 2013 i did an animation using go animate and a voice over in german for a company ...


... called kompitech. this was my first commercial voice over in german. my later work improved, but i thought it was funny to share some of my baby steps. we used EDV at the time, because IT was too english for older swiss people/potential customers. therefore 'elektronische daten verarbeitung' was something they could relate to more closely. as i'm currently looking to apply for voice over jobs, i was gathering some older data. hope to apply to some jobs at companies in switzerland. if you have any leads, that would be most welcome. pretty nostalgic feelings come up when going thru stuff like this. i used to even animate similar stuff like this using macromedia flash back in the 90s(today adobe). i'd have to go thru older CD ROM's and even 1.44 inch floppy's to find these.


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Wow! You are good! I could never do anything like this! Voice over sounds fun if


If you enjoy the scripts and stories!


actually write these too. I want to be flexible and just get them. 😅 You are so right about 'if you enjoy them' 😉🤷‍♂️ most creative work isn't as fun if you have to do them long term. The appreciation is of greater value than getting paid.

This is cool.


😊thank you for your comment