painted a small canvas depicting a beach shore. can you read the letters? used mixed ...


... tools, like: markers, sketch pens and spray paint. this was a birthday gift to someone. the rabbits depict natural emotions. human nature is to be in pursuit? what is dangled in front of us is often the greener grass on the other side. sometimes emotions get the better of us? would you conquer them by following the rabbit down the rabbit hole? currently im reading a very interesting book by robert greene. in the book there is a quote by isaac newton that reads: "I can calculate the motions of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people" ...i used to make characters like these bunny's on walls with speech bubbles. my friends used to call them drugs bunny's. dorky ducks, mad mice or brainy bunnies, i loved cartoons growing up. how much did they really influence us as children? what was your favorite cartoon?


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