'You're so enchanting, your presence speaks to me. Your eyes tell a tale of joy that's ...


... heartfelt. May our days only get better, because you made mine today. Looking forward to beautiful dreams, because when i close my eyes i remember a story that shines like diamonds, sparking my soul.' -@yangyanje (a reply and only just a message? don't some moments in an encounter really touch our hearts for an eternity? memories like dust and sand, doesn't the ephemeral wind of time just blow them away? what remains is the internal smile that shines a light within the soul)


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Beautiful sentiments in the initial and secondary statements. ☀️🌈


She turned out to become a really good friend. Some people are just so charismatic one can seize the moment? You remind me that we learn to do this in our dreams and then it works in real life too?