a couple of years ago i illustrated a logo for a hot sauce called GCG. it stands ...


... for golf course gator. why? because a hot sauce can be dangerously hot! maybe someone heard about this gator in florida, who ran around a golf course eating people a few years back? so many jokes circulated around the net about it, pointing out how ridiculous it was. was it even true? some had pictures of a gator carrying around a human arm or leg. well, a gator like that sure is dangerous, right? my friend, the hot sauce chef, @gcg wanted me to illustrate a gator and design the logo around the name. i said : 'golf course gator is too long. how about GCG? ' he said :'you're right, because if you were at a shop, you could say 'pass me that GCG' .' i loved the taste of this hot sauce, as it had a caribbean flavour with some indo-european and french influence. fruity! very special recipe. vegan 'off course' ! after making a few samples (a small batch) at an organically certified kitchen in Zurich he abandoned the project. i recently made a hot sauce with some habaneros, but not even close to as good as the one he makes... can we motivate him to do another sample batch ? i took pictures like this one and have video footage of the production process as well.


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Great post, and cool logo design, out of all the sauces in the world, hot sauces are number 1 for me, I would love to try his recipe, the cultural flavor combination sounds great. The last hot sauce I had was made from the Ghost Bhut Jolokia Pepper, the previous world record holder. It was quite hot but one to two drops was enough to add some serious kick and heat to the dishes and meals I prepped.


Thanks for your awesome comment @verbal-d . I love hot sauces too. Specially habaneros. Ghost peppers or bhut jolokia are originally from Nagaland, Manipur and originally grew close to the bhutanese border i guess? Knowing a lot of people from these places while living in delhi, they sure do love their chilis 😂...Bhoot/bhut/bhuta/ भूत bhūta also means ghost. Now it's carolina reaper? I'm not so up to date. I can appreciate someone who likes hot sauces to give dishes a kick. Where i live people think a bit of black pepper is hot😂🤷‍♂️I try putting a habanero in at the beginning of my dishes. As each one has a different kind of strength in spice, it's always a surprise? Apart from the spice, hot sauces have this taste to them and already thinking about them gets my mouth watery. If you hit me up on telegram with my name, i will promise to send a bottle to you if we ever make another batch.