'Es braucht Jahre um uns an jene Orte zu führen, an die nur wenige Momente nicht ...


... hinkommen. ' -@yangyanje , ; 'A slightly inaccurate translation can reveal a greater meaning, unless you don't get lost in it '- @yangyanje ...Vīr, Vīrya (Sanskrit; Pāli: viriya) is a Buddhist term commonly translated as "energy", "diligence", "enthusiasm", or "effort". It can be defined as an attitude of gladly engaging in wholesome activities, and it functions to cause one to accomplish wholesome or virtuous actions.

Vīrya literally means "state of a strong human"[1] or "manliness."[2] In Vedic literature, the term is often associated with heroism and virility. In Buddhism, the term more generally refers to a practitioner's "energy" or "exertion," and is repeatedly identified as a necessary prerequisite for achieving liberation.

In Buddhist contexts, viriya has been translated as "energy,"[1][3][4][5][6] "persistence,"[6][7] "persevering,"[8] "vigour," "effort," "exertion,"[1] or "diligence."


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wow..looking so handsome 🔥🔥🔥


That guy was a model for 20 years too.

Yup! We learn about ‘viriya’ and ‘usaha’ at schools. But we forgot all about it when we are older! LoL


Wish i had been at a school like that ! Maybe our school never ends? My grandmother was a Sanskrit scholar, who used to sing kirtan mantras to me. I wish she would have been around longer. Being so far away from the motherland, i honestly gotta tell you that you're at the source. They haven't figured out a better life here in the west in so many ways. A lot of things aren't worth adopting.


That’s nice to have your ancestors as Sanskrit scholar! Tried to dapple in Tibetan language and a bit of Sanskrit long time ago. These are very difficult languages to learn when you are no longer a kid!

Our schools nowadays are in shabby state as Western curriculum has invaded and turn kids into half-baked human beings not knowing themselves, which is rather sad and pitiful at times.

The demise of the self-gratification culture will take place one day with disasterous consequences; perhaps another world war.


Ahimsa! I appreciate you so much mate! Agree strongly having lived at both sides. Might sound crazy but people in the west can't squad by the time they reach their 30s because they got the wrong toilets too. Have a cousin(my mama's son) who thinks the west is better. I would never try to convince him of anything, but its hard to tell someone that over time it depreciates. Our cultural heritage is deep and build for the ages while their paradigm is now crumbling! China seems to have won that war already?