'it's not about life but to sense all of it in a presence of unlimited growth towards ...


... the future.' -@yangyanje ...(video link at bottom)
In 2017 when i joined steemit, i wanted to create an introduction video. A year later, i made an instrumental track, recorded my voice and took some bruce lee snippets from a lost interview to create samples. i scratched these using an old turntable awfully, never got satisfied, but still published it on dtube. it stopped playing at some point. someone has to pay for IPFS! the graffiti time lapse was filmed in delhi in 2017. i took the liberty to upload the video on lbry.tv before i loose it from my hard drives, as i did loose a lot of other data in preceeding times. https://open.lbry.com/Rane:f?r=BHLPLioatxLyHd6LA24H5MyV5YkYqz9P.


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Can’t wait to get home to check this out.

i watched the video. performance of a multi-talented artist❣


Seriously?!? You actually did! I never thought anyone would. I love paying attention to your minute details. You are a profound individual my friend! You resonate across the blockchain! 😉