🗣 "Make social media social again!" 🌐 SocialMedia changes our society and influences ...


... us strongly - information, exchange of ideas, election campaigns, contact maintenance, personalized advertising, fake news, hate, propaganda, cyberbullying, psychological consequences, questions of values or Big Data etc. pp. ⚙️

Either way, we are networked and this has the meaning of a two-sided sword for me: On the one hand, the chance to let a new thought emerge grows, on the other hand, it confirms limited views.

I don't have to decide & I don't want decide how someone must use social media, whether it's self-promotion, marketing for a company or the goal to move masses, but I decide for me:

@APPICS completely redefines social media for me! It may sound as if the compensation of the user is the only USP, but in my eyes it's just a nice by-product: To put the control into the hands of the user, transparency through Blockchain-Technology and a Community that wants to change this world characterizes this rEVOLution for me!

Please contact me if you have any questions. 👽🖖
🗣 „Make social media social again!“ 🌐 SocialMedia verändert unsere Gesellschaft und beeinflusst uns stark - Informationen, Gedankenaustausch, Wahlkampagnen, Kontaktpflege, personalisierte Werbung, Fakenews, Hetze, Propaganda, Cybermobbing, psychische Folgen, Wertefragen oder Big Data etc. pp. ⚙️

So oder so, wir sind vernetzt und dies hat für mich die Bedeutung eines zweiseitigen Schwerts: Auf der einen Seite wächst die Chance einen neuen Gedanken entstehen zu lassen, auf der anderen Seite lässt es eingeschränkte Sichtweisen bestätigen.

Ich habe nicht zu entscheiden & will es auch nicht wie jemand Social Media nutzt, ob Selbstdarstellung, Marketing für 'ne Firma oder das Ziel Massen zu bewegen, ich entscheide allerdings für mich:

@APPICS definiert für mich Social Media komplett neu! Es mag klingen, als sei die Vergütung des Users der einzige USP, in meinen Augen aber nur ein schönes Nebenprodukt: Die Kontrolle in die Hände der User zu geben, Transparenz durch die Blockchain-Technologie und eine Community, die diese Welt verändern will zeichnet für mich diese rEVOLution aus!

Kontaktiere mich gerne bei Fragen. 👽🖖


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simple living, high thinking👍👍👍👍

Well said 👍 Missed you and your posts for a very long time! I hope you are well 🤗 stay blessed❤

fully agree. appics is different and self controlling so. i hope this self regulation works in a big scale as well.

  ·  작년

looking so good

  ·  작년

Appics has really done me more good than some time wasting activities in life.

  ·  작년

Bro a bit of Mayo please 🍟

that's grat

We arw all trying eheh

Yes, when I inform someone about Appics I share this thought to impress them and it's a great way to rise interest among them

  ·  작년

I'm agree with you man. Wanna see your post regularly 🥰😁


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nice look👌👌


Good point!

Nice!! For appics 🚀

I was going through an article today which was about the influence of social media on election. I was just a truly surprised about the influence. They can set some customised searching and selling the data to the corporations and many more. When the action is competitive then social media can decide the decision. Appics is totally different and hopefully it will go to moon with us we believe in appics community and its ethics

Hey, you are back, full power👍🏻💪🏻🤩💯

Nice look broo 👏👏👏