BetterLife in Steemit Nursery 27/05/2021 Diarygame by @alifalashikcse

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Hello Everyone.
How are you all?I thik All are very happy.
This is me @alifalashik with you to share my day with all of you.


Here I want to share one day which i actually doing from Moring to Night.Lets Start-

Morning Time

I woke up around 7 am. After woke up first i go to my Roof top Garden and give water to my plants.


After Fresh I take my breakfast around 8 am.


Working Time

At 9 am i go to my Shop By My Bike.Its Round 5 k.m fron my House.

This is my bike

This Is my shop.

Lunch Time

Today I take lunch at 2 pm in my house.This is my favourite Dish Egg fry of Hilsha Fish with Rice.


Evening Time

At the evening Time i go to a tea stall and take tea with my friens.
We always hangout with my frinds in this teastall.
Its a very popular tea stall


Night Time

At night time i always try to take my dinner within 9 a.m.
I already finished it and now i'm enjoying some tv shows with my family.

Thank you everybody

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How delicious that lunch looks, friend. Greetings.


Thank you my brother

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