Betterlife with steemit ||The diary game by@alifalashikcse.. Today : 04-06-2021

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Hellow Everyone
How do you do all?
I hope You all friends are very well and living a very happy life in your homhes in your own homes and living a very happy life with your family.
Now it is time to go my Dairy game.

Let Start my diary:

Normally I woke up 5 am After that i go to outside with my frieds and go for physical exercise.It is very important for health,After finishing it I come back to my home I came home I have some rest that I then took a selfie which I want to share with you friends.



After bushing my teeth again i go for shower and take my breakfast.Normally i dont take any havy food on breakfast.I usually take tea, Biscuit and beans and some froots on my breakfast.



After taking my brakfast today i was go to my Brothers marrage ceremony and take Salad On the way. I upload Picture to share with You


My Brother Weeding Ceremony & Lunch :





After Complited the function I go for hangout woth friends and take my evening food and tea.
Today i spend a very special time with all my friends.


Thank You Everyone

My Achievement 1 link:

Special Thanks
Best Regards

~ Diarygame BetterLife
~ Camera|Poco X3
~ Location|Bangladesh,Mymensingh, Gafargaon
~ Photography|@alifalashikcse(me)
~ Country |Bangladesh

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Thank my brother.please keep support to me

nice diarygame


Thanks my friend.

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Okk sir thanks

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