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Hellow all my dear steemian Friens.
How do You do all?
I think everything is fine.
This is me @alifalashikse


Today i'm here to share My day with you.
I also take some photography to share with you..
Hope you enjoy it.

Lets Start my dairyGame..

Moring Time

At early in the morning i woke up at 4 p.m because today will visit the capital city of my country and the train time was 5 p.m. After that i get fresh and go to the Railway Station and wait for the train.
It was a business trip.

At Railway Station.

After that at 5.15 train arrived and i take my seat and started my journey..

In my seat


I enjoyed the beautiful senery form train

Window. It was really amaiging..

After 2.3 hour my train reached.After that i go to a restaurent to take my breakfast.
I take some picture to share with you.

At restaurent

My breakfast

Take tea after berakfast

Work time

Actually i visited for buy some Cloths for my Showroom.I visited The Holesale market to gather Profuduct.

At wholesale Market.

Lunch Time

After completing my work i go for Take my lunch and take Kacchi biriyani.Its a very popular food In our country.Old dhaka Kacchi biriyany.

Mutton Kacchi Biriyani

Evening Time

After complete Everyting I was go to Rail station again and wait for The train to come back to My Home.

Train arrived.
After arrived Train I take my seat and take some food in tran canteen and start enjoy the senery of outside.

Night Time

After come back to my area i go to my shop and take Bullet tea.Its a very special tea.Cillies and some sour item added here..

Bullet Tea.

♥♥ Conclusion♥️♥️

After that i come back to to home.I usually do not takw any havy food at night.It is very Helpfull for our Health.
Hope you all enjoy my Diary Game.

♨️Thank You Everyone♨️

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