How I met steemit

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Hi everyone! How are we all doing today, so today is the last day of this contest, so this is late entry but you know what they say is better late than never.


So this is my own story of how I met steemit.


I got to find out about steemit sometimes late last year, in the last quarter of the year, the lockdown almost getting lifted and there was freedom of movement again, the lock down made things move really slow, so I was online in a way hunting for things to do that will bring profitable income and financial assistance as the lock down dealt with us a lot and opened our eyes to the some major problems that were there but we are not aware of.

So it was weekend as usual, the lockdown was still in effect but we were allowed to move but with face mask, I was on my way to church that Sunday morning, service was amazing I was totally blessed.


After service we all catch up due to the fact that it's been a while we talked a lot, took pictures, reconnected with old friends after almost a year of being apart. Was like an amazing family reunion. A whole lot of us were really exicted to see each other,


It was like the lockdown was never going to be called off. But despite all the fun and happiness I still had the worry in my mind about the financial issue, cause the Experience of the covid made me to still think of that in the midst of the reunion. So I was not really settled I was in the midst of happy and unhappy. I don't know about the others but I wanted to do something about it fast.

So while still at church I spotted one of my seniors in church talking passionately about something ,


she seemed so interested in it, she was really advertising so I wonder what she talking about. She was engaging so I decided to just pay attention, maybe it could be helpful to me, after some minutes I found out she was talking about an online platform where you could post and earn money in dollars called steemit.



She spoke at length I got really interested like as if someone just knew I was looking for a money solution, but after getting really moved by her speech and all she said I almost didnt want to buy it. I know she usually post this on her status and talk about it but I always see them as Ponzi scheme that may sonner or later crash cause we had a lot that came up last year and some we even got involved in that crashed so I usually don't ask her about it and i was not interested, but hearing her that day I just felt like maybe I should just try to know more, but recent experience made me to still hold back so I was still uninterested.

After a few months and some weeks she kept posting so I decided to ask her what's it about since I was still looking for thing online to do, I decided to give hers a try so I saw her in church another Sunday and asked her what's it about


After listening to what she had to say and paying close attention I found out that steemit is actually a great platform to earn money not just by posting but also doing other things too. I was amazed.


And stunned at the things she said and that amazing opportunites of how you could make money by just posting no need to buy or sell anything and she also spoke about the participation with Tron


and how it caused a rise in Steem Dollar


It blew me away i felt bad the opportunity I have been delaying cause of unbelief in online platforms, so I didn't waste time with exictment I signed up and paid her the amount for registration.


I finally signed up around December and i made my first post this month, March due to some setback i had in the first two months, and I made quite a good amount of dollars on my first post imagine how the rest will be like..😄.

Ever since then i have been telling people about steemit


those that need an extra cash for their daily expenses and those who want to plan a project and need an extra income base.

In all steemit is a very good platform I've gone through the posts and I've seen it's uses, its bound to get better I guarantee's helping a lot of people. It just what you need for a passive income Generator. Like I said I made my first post and I'm expecting my pay out soon.


Really glad to be on this platform this is one of the good decision I took this year thanks to @anasuleidy for this contest, it's really fun sharing my steemit Experience with you all i also want to thank @talktofaith for letting me know about this opportunity. That's all about my steemit journey guys fast forward to the here i am.

Thanks to @anasuleidy for this contest where we can find out different people's decision that led them to steemit.

I will like to invite

To try out this contest. Thank you for stopping by see you later.


Below is the link to join the contest

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Hi, friend. the girl was as attractive as her topic of conversation. It is good that you see this as a blessing.
Thank you for participating in this our contest: how I met Steemit.❤ you have the input #71


Thank you so much, @anasuleidy