Learn With Steem | The Importance Of Quality & Original content and How to Applying Basic Mardownstyles - Recalped!

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Hello, steemians.

Welcome to this blog today. In this article, I will be writing to you the importance of creating Quality & Original content, and how to create Quality and Original content. Now, journey with me to the end to see what I've got here.

As we all know, "Steemit is a blockchain-based blogging and social media website, which rewards its users with the cryptocurrency STEEM, SBD, and TRX for publishing and curating content."

As a blogging platform where people, most at times called 'steemians' do share their content; we are expected to share quality and original content. See below the importance of sharing quality and original content.

Sharing Quality and Original Content - The Importance.


There are many important aspects of sharing quality and original content. Here are just a few of them.

  • Attraction & Attention
  • Engagements
  • Getting Higher Votes From The Steemit Team(If Visited)

Tips On How To write a Quality and Original Content On Steemit. [Applying Markdown Styles]


Like I said earlier, the platform has provided some selected HTML codes that can be used to present quality content. Below, I will explain how they work and how to use them.

Text-justify - [Text Alignment]

In HTML we have what they call Text Alignment which is seen as a text formatting attribute that arranges the appearance of the text in the desired way. There are 4 Text alignments but here, I am emphasizing Text-justify.

When you add a text-justify command to your content, space is added between words in order that both edges of every line are aligned with both margins. Example:

  • Before Aligning 👇


  • After Aligning 👇


How to Format with text-justify: add this tag 👉 <div class="text-justify"> at the beginning of your content and close with this tag 👉 </div>. Example is shown on the second image above.

Headlines and Sub-headlines

Headlines are very important styles for bloggers as they help to arrange your post by headings for easy reading.

In HTML they have tag h1 - h6. Here in steemit, you can use the symbol #. You create a headline by inserting # before the Word for your heading and the number of hashtag increase the heading size will decrease. See the Example below.


How to add Headline: Adding # Makes the text a headline but after adding the hashtag, you space it. Just like this 👉 #`Heading. You can also check the above image for clear understanding.

Italic and Bold Text

This is another markdown style very important in terms of highlighting text. It is sometimes used to highlight very important words on content. Example:


How to make a word become italic and bold: you can do that by adding 2 👉 * at the beginning and at the end of the text just like the one on the image above. On the aspect of making the text italic. You just add 1 👉 * like i did on the image above

Creating a Table.

Adding tables to your content is also important. You can add a table using either the HTML tags or using the format for steemit. Example Method 1:


How to create table using method 1: see the image above to know how to use the first method or you can copy and paste 👇
Header 1 | Header 2

------ | ------

Cell 1 | Cell 2
and add as many cells as you want.

Example using Method 2:


How to add Table using method 2: First, HTML table is defined with the tag <table> The table rows are defined with the tag <tr>. A table header is goes with the tag <th> and table headings are usaully bold and centered. Then A table data/cell is defined with the tag <td>. You can use the above image for clearer understanding.

Centered Text

Centering a text in your content is also a way of making it look attractive. Example of a centered text.


How to Align a text to the center: just add the center tag like this 👉 <center> add your text here </center> to align text

Bullet Points - [Unordered List & Ordered List]

This is another amazing style to consider in your content as it helps to list out items in your content. Example for Unordered list:


How to add unordered list bullet point to your content: To add this style you will add 1 👉 * at the front of the item you wish to list then with a one click space like i did on the image above.

Example for ordered list bullet point:


An ordered list is a way of listing items according to Numbers. It always starts with the number '1'. You can easily add numbers as you preview from the one above.

Adding Source & Links to your Contents

Adding source and links is very imperative as much as the platform is concerned. Steemit is very strict on any plagiarized content. You are flagged if you indulge in it. Example of a sourced content:


You can now see that the image is properly sourced. Carefully go through the image and see how i did mine.

Quotation and Citation

These two are very much important in terms of making sure you not plagiarising. In your article you might decide to use content by other authors, this is where this attribute comes in. See Example of Quoted and cited words.


As you can see here I have quoted the lines of text that are not mine. It can be using 👉 > in front of the text. You can use the above image for a clear understanding.

Example of a Proper Citation.


Here you can also see that I have given a proper citation of the text that I copied from another author. Just take a look at the image above to see what I did for a better understanding.

Here, i would like to stop. The aim of writing this article is so we can all become great content developers for steemit platform. These markdown styles are just a few of all the listed markdown styles for this platform. I recommend you go through the below links for views of markdown styles.

Thanks for reading through to the end. Thanks to @steemcurator01, @steemitblog, and @cryptokannon for their supports, I so much appreciate...

Much love and Regards from @bright-obias

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Good points made Sir, can you please add how to align pictures left and right.


Hi, @yuceetoria, The post consist of the basic markdown styles. But if you actually need that part of the styles, then below I will show you how to apply the styles in your article.

To align text/picture left, you will use this 👉 div class="pull-left" it will be enclosed in greater than and less than sign, like this: <div class="pull-left">. This is for the opening tag, and this 👉 </div> for the closing tag.

The same is applied when aligning to right, all you have to do is to change the pull-left to pull-right.

Note: The text/picture that you are aligning should be in between the opening and the closing tag like this: <div class="text-justify"> Text/Picture Here </div>. I think with this small explanation, you can now align a text/picture. Any difficulty, do well to reply to this comment. Thank you.


Ok, thank you very much. I have tried several times to do this particular Markdown but don't get it right. Now I think I can do it with your explanation.


Great! If you encounter any difficulty, you can reply to comment so I can help you out...


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You are welcome dear. I am so happy that you found it helpful...


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Thank you, I am glad that you found it helpful...

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Yeah, sometimes, it will be seen as a difficult thing, but when you study and practice them, you will then see how simple it is. @ruthjoe, I am very happy that you found these ones helpful...

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Hello @edith20, I apologize for the late response. Adding such markdown styles is done like this: image.png. add the code tag in the front of the text, and close it with its corresponding tag. check the image above to see a clear example. Thank you.


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