Steemit Nursery Community Announcement updated on 25/5/2021

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Hello Newcomers and long time Steemit users,

Welcome to Steemit Nursery Community!
This community was built with the purpose of helping in the retention of Newcomers at their early age starting off their journey on Steemit.
In the past, many newcomers feel lost and lost motivation to continue their journey on Steemit as they feel invisible and no support for their contents. This community is built so newcomers may introduce and showcase their topic of interest that they want to share with us here, making friends and networking with other existing long-time Steemian and getting to know the Steem Ecosystem at the same time by completing their Newcomers' Achievement Program at Newcomers Community.

Important update about the integration of 500 SP Minnow Support Program with Steemit Nursery Community

We have announced the new guidelines for the program of 500 SP Minnow Support Program for Newcomers in this post here 500SP Minnow Support Program for Newcomers(Revised Edition) updated on 24/5/2021 Please read carefully about the eligibility to participate in the program and the guidelines on the post.
Note that your steem account all-time earning including your SBD conversion also counts in counting the 500SP support program
For example, if your all-time total earning of SBD that was converted to Steem plus your SP have reached over 500SP/Steem then you are not eligible to apply for this program.

We will announce the list of Nursery Mentors soon

Nursery Mentors will be from the Country Representatives that is working with Steem Greeters Team. Steemit Nursery Team and 500SP Support Program Team will be among the Nursery Mentors. They will be adopting you Newcomers that are under this 500SP support program until you graduated and they also will be helping you find the community of your interest among many Steemit communities that we have around here.

Steemit Nursery Community Notice Board

In this community, you will be categorized as follow:

Our Greeter Helper will be giving you a title in this community according to the age of your steem account.

Newborn/Month and Year joining Steemit
age on Steemit from 0-6 weeks

Toddler/Month and Year joining Steemit
age on Steemit from 6weeks - 2 months

Alumni/Month and Year joining Steemit
age on Steemit over 2 months
when you have received the title of Alumni, we expect that you have found the community of your interest by now and you only commenting on the post of newcomers(Newborn-Toddler phase) in this community either to support or guiding them.
As an exception, other content that you think might help newcomers can be posted in this community.
You are welcome to join any contests organize by Steemit Nursery Team too.

Steemit Nursery Community Rules & Guidelines

📌This community was created to focus on the retention of Newcomer that is in Newborn to Toddler phase on Steemit.
❗If you have a tag of Newborn & Toddler:
Please attach the post link of your Achievement 1/Introduction post in every post that you publish into Steemit Nursery Community so other users and curators get to know you better. You have a greater chance of getting support on your content if you do this.

❗If you have a tag of Alumni:

  • 🆗 you may post your entry post into the contest organize by Steemit Nursery
  • 🆗 you may post any helpful content for Newcomers.
  • 🚫 you should NOT post your other general contents here❌

Please follow @steemitblog for any update on Steem Community

For the latest update on Steemit Community, please follow and checkout @steemitblog account daily.
We recommend that you follow @pennsif for the latest update and news on Steem Community too.

List of Contest on Steem Community

Participating in contests is a great way to get visibility and making friends with other users on Steemit. You may check @pennsif post on the list of Contests that going on Steem Community by following his blog, example of post that list out all of the contest is like this one WIN WITH STEEM : Contests closing in the next two days @ 23 May 2021 - $420 to be won

You may find other contests on Steemit by using this search tag of #contest

All important guides, tutorials on Notice Board

Please check out any latest Notice Board at Newcomers Community to refer to any important tutorials, guides, and other information that you should know as a Newcomers of Steemit and also still applied to a long time Steemian too as we update all the latest information on security and other things in this post.

Notice Board of Newcomers Community Updated 13/5/2021

List of Communities on Steemit sorting by categories List of active groups organized by theme 05.2021

Keep on active on Steemit. Produce good, useful quality content and most importantly, engage and comment on other people's posts.

Steemit Nursery Team.

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I saw your post I like your post your post is very beautiful...
Your work is very well..

I will be very happy to serve as guide to new babies in steemit,thank too @cryptokannon for this reminder

This is really a great idea, bringing Nursery mentors to guide the newcomers. As an alumni, i will also help the newcomer with getting the communities they should be in. Great job @cryptokannon.

Espero catalogen mi caso en algún nivel de la guardería para nuevos usuarios, eso me haría feliz. Porque a pesar que entré en el año 2018 estuve 3 años fuera de la plataforma y hace 3 meses regresé. Por esta razón, decidí hacer los 6 logros como nueva usuaria porque realmente me siento así.

I hope they catalog my case at some level of the nursery for new users, that would make me happy. Because even though I entered the year 2018, I was 3 years off the platform and 3 months ago I returned. For this reason, I decided to do the 6 achievements as a new user because I really feel that way.

Thank you for the info mam... It clears my thought

Thanks a lot for information.

Mam I hope you are doing well. I hope you are enjoying good health by the grace of Allah Almighty.
My issue is that my elder brother created an account which I did not know at all. He called me at night and asked me to send some pictures .I didn't know what to do with the photos .At night he made his post, I made mine, and when we posted, he told me that I also made an account of Steemit and I posted it and put those pictures. .I told him even then that you did it wrong, you would tell me, I got this supremacy, but by then one of our comments had been received, we do not delete the post.
Then I also visited my elder brother's account and he wrote the dairy game in it, used a lot of affection pictures which I sent to him. I saw you, Pakistan Representing Haider Mehndi Hasan Abid, his vote was for us. I did not thank you so much on my behalf because I was happy to see my brother's account .And again, because of my saying this thank you, and my brother used two or three pictures which I accidentally send him and he.used. Mam due to these mistake Pakistani representative give down 100 % vote to me with out know about reason.
I admit his mistake .and I also apologize for this act .
I know Pakistani representative do not accept my any reason and they want to ban me .
Mam I am married and also student and has a problem in his
headbone only this is platform by which I earn some and fed his family some wnats to ban this .
Mam please consider me as her brother and help me .
You can do everything . please give me one chance. Please mam this is the matter of my future.
Please mam I requested to you
You asked them to accept my apologies and give me positive response.
Please mam you are my last hope.


Good job 👍


We already warned you 3-4 times still you tried to cheat us on steemit pakistan and also other communities i cannot allow you !
I am sorry and thats my final decision...

Hi, @cryptokannon I have completed my first four achievements and now I want to apply for the 500 SP support minnow program. I have checked all the requirements of my eligibility.


The links are below.





And except for them, my all-time sp is below 500.

Screenshot (3).png

@cryptokannon mam i was part of this 500Sp Minnow support program . now you conferm me that, Am I still part of it?

@cryptokannon realmente yo si me siento un poco perdida, invisible y desmotivada puesto que he aplicado todo lo que me recomienda para que mi cuenta sea vista y votada y nadie me ve, si supieran cuanto necesito de su ayuda😥


¡Hola @floryangel31, saludos! Intenta continuar completando los Logros para recién llegados y participar en concursos pues esto aumenta tu visibilidad dentro del radar de los curadores. También es importante interactuar con otros usuarios para ampliar el espectro de influencia que puedas tener...Espero te sirva de algo, saludos.
#affable #venezuela


amiga ten fe Dios te va ayudar , ya veras que el va ser la obra


Good job you are doing a great job you continue your good work.

Hiii mam i have completed my achievements 5(4) and want to become a part of 500 Sp minnow prpgram.please accept my application.

I would like to apply for the 500 SP Minnow Support Program and I have checked that I have met all the criteria required to qualify for the program.

I am glad that i have completed my 5.2 achievements and these achievements are verified.
I hope you will add me in this program.

Hi @cryptokannon
I would like to apply for the 500 SP Minnow Support Program and I have checked that I have met all the criteria required to qualify for the program.

Buenos días una pregunta si no, no tiene los logros ,no se puede participar en otra comunidad


Hola amiga muy buena tu publicacion


Buenos días amiga si quiero una información


Muchas gracias amiga saludos

I would like to apply for the 500 SP Minnow Support Program and I have checked that I have met all the criteria required to qualify for the program.

Great job...

Espero su respuesta por favor , me avisas si puedo participar en otra Comunidad

thank you very much for your direction @cryptokannon, I am very happy to read it, and ready for me to do.

Muy importante información, muy educativo espero poder compartirlos con mis invitados a Steemit

Hi @cryptokannon
I would like to apply for the 500 SP Minnow Support Program and I have checked that I have met all the criteria required to qualify for the program.

Perfect work mam. With all due respect, i would love to be a part of the Nursery mentors and would like to integrate my plans with that of yours.

I am pretty sure i would be able to manage mentoring 10 members and their posts. Also with that, i would love to help them with ways that could boost their steem power.
And cheers saying that your ideas are always up to our expectations.

Haider Mehdi.

"I would like to apply for the 500 SP Minnow Support Program and I have checked that I have met all the criteria required to qualify for the program."

"Me gustaría solicitar el Programa de soporte de 500 SP Minnow y he comprobado que he cumplido los criterios requeridos para calificar para el programa ".

Yo he cumplido con todos los requisitos así que me gustaría me tomaran en cuenta

hello it is a pleasure for me to read your post and comment on it. I want you to know that you have my help and disposition on any question. In the same way I would like you to follow me and support me. I invite you to be part of that great family

Have a great day. God bless you.

Thank you so much for the information

Yea, this is a good information that will be a useful one to we the newcomer, thanks

Hello ma'am. I am a steem newbie. I have completed 4 achievements in Newcomers' community and all of my posts are verified till now but I got curation for only one of my task(achievement 4). Can you please help me.

Here are my previous
Achievement 1

Achievement 2

Achievement 3 post links.

Kindly please curate them too when possible.It would motivate me to keep contributing steem exclusive contents. 🙏

Please kindly check my achievement 3 post for me ok
It hasn't been verified till now I honestly don't know why
Thank you

Ok nice post

@cryptokannon amiga yo soy nueva y realmente me siento un poco perdida, invisible y desmotivada puesto que he aplicado todo lo que me recomienda para que mis publicaciones sean vistas y votadas y nadie me ve, si supieran cuanto necesito ayuda, soy de venezuela y aqui la estamos pasando muy duro.

Gracias por la información, se que a muchos les sera de gran utilidad..!

saludos espero crecer en esta plataforma y alcanzar buenos niveles

Hello! How are you? have any way to connect it (discord, mail etc), I would like to make a request to an admin or moderator who is available, thanks in advance

hi @cryptokannon I want to join the 500 sp program months ago I approved my 4 achievements and nothing happened


Please support me beacuse i am new user of this blog.If you support and inspire me.i must be good work of this platfrom

What a wonderful one.

Very informative post

Great work @cryptokannon.
Please keep the ball rolling dear.

Buenas tardes.

Quisiera por favor.

Con gran preocupación ,👀👀👀👁️👁️👁️👁️👁️ veo que aún soy invitada en esta comunidad de nuevos.

Ya he cumplido con mi cuarto logro y estoy optando por el Programa de soporte 500SP Minnow para recién llegados.

Aún no tengo categoria, así que me gustaría saber que necesito para cumplir con este requisito.

A veces por no preguntar suceden las cosas.

Yo pienso que nada
Pierdo Con preguntar mi categoría lo cual imagino que es importante para optar por el programa.


Nice announcment

Really Great work @cryptokannon.
Thank you.

E want to apply for your program

Thanks You for the information

Hola amiga @cryptokannon y demás compañeros de esta comunidad. No estoy segura de cómo integrarme a los programas de esta comunidad, ni de los logros que debo hacer para ser parte de los alumnos de ésta. Por favor, me gustaría estar incluida y tener mi tutelaje. Tengo 4 meses que empecé en Steemit y me he sentido muy feliz de estar acá. He conseguido nuevos amigos, la dinámica de mi vida a cambiado para mejor y he logrado generar unos ingresos que han sido muy importantes para mí y mi familia, así que me gustaría seguir avanzando y aprender de ustedes para crecer y hacer publicaciones de calidad para la plataforma.

Aquí les dejo el enlace de mi primera entrada en Steemit. De antemano, gracias por el apoyo

Terimakasih informasinya @cryptokannon..

Thank you very much is clear thought keep it up

Thanks for info

Please my achievement 3 has not been verified please

Hola Amiga de @cryptokannon mi logro 1 aún no ha Sido verificado, no sé por qué. Acá voy a dejar el link de mi logro 1

Hola @cryptokannon, "Me gustaría solicitar el Programa de soporte de 500 SP Minnow

"Me gustaría solicitar el Programa de apoyo a los 500 SP Minnow y he comprobado que cumplo todos los criterios requeridos para acceder al programa"


"Logro 2 @pastorjosuer / Seguridad Básica en Steem".

"Logro 3: @pastorjosuer - Protocolos de Contenido"

“Logro 4 por @pastorjosuer - Consigna: Aplicando formatos”

Realice mis 6 Logros en la Comunidad: Newcomers' Community, desarrollar en la totalidad del programa

"500SP Minnow Support Program"

Aquí les dejo mi Link de los 6 Logros en la Comunidad: Newcomers' Community

Compilación de mis 6 Logros / Lista de Logros 1 al 6 por @pastorjosuer en Newcomers' Community

Obteniendo la Etiqueta de Pro Newcomer Verified/R3, todo esto lo he logrado en menos de 2 meses que comencé en steemit


Quedando de ustedes.


Thank you so much mam

Muy bueno el apoyo, gracias.

hola, muy buena explicación estoy como alumni, pero hay cosas que no entiendo aun, he tenido la cuenta por dos años pero es, en este tiempo que he agregado contenido, sinceramente no sabia como manejar la plataforma, seguiré al pendiente de sus publicaciones, y seguir aprendiendo para mejorar

Thank you @cryptokannon for this wonderful post.