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Tuesday 15 June 2021

I woke up at 07.00 after that sata sat for a while on the bed and went to the bathroom brushed my teeth and took a shower soaked my whole body with water after I finished taking a shower I went straight to the bathroom and dressed neatly after that I immediately had breakfast and drank a glass of milk

I got a call from a close friend and I immediately picked him up by motorbike. After gathering I went straight to the beach to enjoy the view of the orphanage. After arriving at the beach I saw the beauty which was very soothing to the soul, with the sound of the waves scattering, the weather was very bright today. beautiful sparkling sea water that looks bluish and the sky looks very bright.
I sat on the beach while looking at the beautiful blue color of the sea as if it combined with the color of the sky, everyone looking at the beach would surely admire God's creation, which is so beautiful, I never get tired of visiting the sea, because the sea gives its own pleasure which can make the heart peaceful and peaceful, today I spend half the time to enjoy the beauty of the beach, and I want to invite all of you to love the beach..because the beach is the beauty that God created for his creatures.







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