When Exercising is Dangerous

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Everyone agrees that regular exercising is a sure way to living a healthy, active life. The importance of exercising can never be overstressed.

As the popular saying goes, too much of everything is bad, and this saying is true about practically everything that we do.

When we talk about too much exercise, of course it varies from one person to another. What constitutes as too much exercise to one person, may in fact be average exercise to another, and to yet another, it may be considered as under exercising.


If the aim of exercising is to live a generally healthy life, then one must realize that one is not in any competition with anybody. You must know your limit. You must listen to your body, And you must know when to stop.

Knowing When to Stop

During exercise, every organ of the body, especially the heart, works in overtime. The heart beats faster in order to maintain blood circulation at the rate that you are working.

And the easiest way to detect a change or a problem with blood circulation, is dizziness.


Once you start feeling any kind of uneasiness, or dizziness, or fatigue, you must discontinue the exercise immediately. You should sit in an upright position and try to catch your breadth.
This could be a sign that you are exercising more than your body can carry, hence the need to know your limits.

Similarly, once you start feeling a shortness of breadth during exercise, please stop. In fact, experts say that breathing in itself is a form of exercising. That’s why during yoga, one is advised to “focus on your breathing”. So any sign of shortness of breadth during exercise, is a red flag. Stop.

Sharp pains are another things to watch out for during exercise, and they are a sign that something is wrong. Once you experience a sharp pain at any part of your body while exercising, then you should stop and pay attention.


Sharp pains are usually a sign that something, perhaps a muscle or ligament, or tendon, has been stretched beyond its limit, or has torn. Continuing with the exercise regardless of the pain, may worsen the situation and further complicate recovery.

Always remember that the body needs time to gradually get used to a particular exercise routine. That’s why there exists a beginner’s, intermediate, and advanced categories for exercising.

It takes time to graduate from one category to the next. So take it easy.

Remember that the goal is to remain healthy. It’s not a competition. Even pro athletes didn’t get to the level they are on in one fell swoop.

It took years, perhaps decades, of consistent practice and gradual development.
So keep exercising. Keep living healthy, but keep listening to your body.

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