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Hello friends

how are you all i hope you all are well friends today i am going to share my first introduction post with you friends my name is hafiz haseeb.
i am a student i am studying in madrassa now I have been eager to study in a madrassa from the very beginning and thank God today I have studied in a madrassa and it has not been almost a year since I have completed my education yet and someone else I will go to the madrassa and start teaching now. I get up early in the morning with my friends and bring Amjad. I am a student of the madrassa. I have to go to the madrassa and I go to the madrassa. I get up early in the morning and go to the mosque. I go to the mosque and pray and teach your children there I recite the Quran and then I come back to my house. After returning home I eat at about eight o'clock and go back to the madrassa and my teachers I am very curious about my friends. Most of the boys in my madrassa are very keen on cricket and they are on vacation. We don't play cricket on the day of Ramadan and it is a good thing that we are very active. I pray five times a day and at the same time I am not getting a school education. I am also getting a school education. Friends, I like big meat and wheat bread in my food and I like milk very much, so my friend, this is the Urdu fiction that I have shared with you and I hope you will share my post with your friends۔ I hope you will like it.

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