Betterlife the diary game|1-7-2021|Friday blessings

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Dear friends:

I hope you are fine,I am also fine with the blessing of Allah.As today was Friday so Friday is the blessing day and this day is also special day from overall weak days.


I got up early in the morning and saying fajar prayer then I going out for teaching the holy Qur'an to the village child's.After back home I prepared myself for today PTM.Today was the PtM of child's of school.

Morning picture:

After ready I going to school.I reached school at right time 6'o clock.When I reached at school I see all the preparation which done for today PTM.Then I saw the results of my class.I collected all the result card of the students.The PtM started at 9'o clock.All the parents of childrens participate in this event and appreciate the teachers hard working.


Finally the PtM was ended at 12'o clock with full successfuly.
After ending PtM then I going to the mosque which is near to my school where I prayed the jumma namaz.After this I came back to school where I captured some pictures of mine in white dress.




After photography I came back to home.Today I was fully tired due to working on PtM.So I want to take some rest.


Special Thanks:


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