Betterlife the diary game|9-july-2021|by @hafizimran

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Dear friends:

I hope you are fine and doing very well with the blessing of God.As today was Sunday so I want to tell you about my Sunday.So first of all I Start my diary with my morning time.


I got up early in the morning when the fajar prayer call.So I am going to the mosque where I performed my fajar prayer and also do prayer for my whole day.After fajar prayer because today was Sunday so that's why I a going to the lush greenery fields of my village.
I came back home at 8'o clock and eat breakfast.After eating breakfast I am going to the city for buy some things for my home because today I was free.So I completed my whole works which was important for me.When I came back home the temperature was very high and my body was full with sweating.I thought to going on the towal where I take a bath and feel fresh.


I came back home after taking a bath.When I came back home I sleep in the afternoon.When I got up then the time was of evening so I going to teach the childrens.I teach the tution to the child's.

Tution home:

After teaching the child's I came back home and do my some preparation for tomorrow like pressed my clothes for tomorrow going to school.I completed my whole works and then I want to sleep because tomorrow I got up early in the morning.


Special Thanks:


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Sir I have been selected in 500sp minnow support program


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Thank you
Now I can share my diary posts?


Yes, as you are under the 500 SP Support Program!