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Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you. I hope you will all be well. By God's grace and grace I do too. Today I will tell you about the beauty of my area. Today I will tell you about a flower that is very beautiful and the best. This flower is considered as a rose flower which you will see how beautiful it is and it has many benefits that are good for human health. You can also use I will show picture

After that I will tell Na what is a plant, it is worn, it is focused and this plant is cut and at the same time it is also planted and it is not behind it, its cutting leaves are planted. Goes and it grows big it doesn't grow so big nor does it teach to live beautiful is very sad where applied for beauty as we are planted .The beauty of this plant is that when it is planted in any object in any land it looks so beautiful that it is in its own interest how beautiful it is so let me tell you in its picture

Then I was telling you about my area. I will tell you about the trees of the trees. You will see how many green shades there are. The people of our village spend their summers sitting under their shades. There is a lot of electricity and there is not so much electricity and sometimes there is load shedding, so we were very beautiful that we give and the good fortune and beauty of our area that in our village such a beautiful.i will show picture for beautiful trees

Then I don't eat because today the weather in our area was so beautiful and our area looked so beautiful and I felt so beautiful area of my village If you tell this beautiful scene, your heart will be happy because you will see that it is a very beautiful scene because in our village.This beautiful scenery enhances the beauty of our village and it is our cool air and fresh scent that keeps us healthy. I will show you in this picture of beautiful scenery.

I hope all of you friends like it very much. May Allah give us all health. Amen

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