The dairy game/21(06/2021/ visit for college mosque

4개월 전

I hope you will all be well friends and I am also well in the sanctity of God. Today I will tell you about my college mosque, how beautiful this country is during college and one of our How much money has the government spent on it and how beautiful it is and how much we pray? When I went today, I was told that I would tell the brothers in the stand about the mosque of my college. Show that which is very beautiful and charming.i will show picture

Then I will tell you that the peaks of the way they impress are of the best beauty and that Our college boys sit there and perform ablutions. It can be about 50 at a time and this is very much etiquette where a thirsty boy can sit in one place and he was the kindness and king of our country. They have made us very beautiful and good I will show you in the picture where they

and perform Wudhu

Then I will show you that our Qadri's staff has created a very nice atmosphere outside the mosque and a very good party where the prayers are said and what else is said and what you say is good and you also come and we talk about it. I'm free to sit here and the atmosphere is very good The ground outside the mosque is very nice and beautiful and there are people sitting here in its picture.

I hope all of you friends like this post. May God grant us all health. Amen


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