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Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you. I hope that you will all be well friends and I am also well with a good cause. Today I will tell you about my work which I did today.Today there were about three of me. I got up, after talking outside, I heard the voice at home and I did not come back. I went because of my village to do and after praying I recited the Qur'an then after that I came back home and what happened to the crop for our buffaloes Because the villagers have a lot of work to do in the morning, I went to harvest for my buffaloes.i will show picture for crop

After that I will tell you that we almost brought it to my house and after forgetting it it was time together and I had to go to Chad today so I didn't come back to my house and come home and start preparing. And my mother-in-law started waiting for me, so I turned four and she sang for me, my mother, who I ate breakfast and was ready for college.

Then I'll tell you that I came back from college at about one o'clock and I found out that it was our turn to So at half past one I went back to my original because what is this water does not seem to be disappointed, your slipper becomes stronger and you start giving more And it seems to be more desirable than that, and it benefits us, and that is why we give it water on the day of water which brings forth its crops.We call this water canal water While I was watering down my decisions, I took pictures


This was my job today what i hope today all of you friends will like it very much may allah give us all health amen

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