The dairy game/beterlife/03/07/2021/photography for my area

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I hope that you will all be well and by the grace of Allah, I will do whatever you want after my beauty. I will do the same for you today. Treatment This is the beautiful picture of our village that I have gone to explain a little bit. This is not the picture that I will show you that this is the beautiful picture of our village that the beauty one does.i will show picture

Then I will tell you that I have gone today to do my harvest which I have done two or three days ago. I have to go to my choice which I
This is the harvest of the savior who runs away with a lot of heart With this monje, I go from there, which we sell from the village together with a friend and use it with honey. In this picture
I will show you the ones that are just being prepared.

Then I will show you that all these are fake that we all the villagers read together for them and the heat is too much so we sit for them because their lives are too much and it is for us. Very useful and claim to get here and when I gave the ticket they looked so beautiful and that I see you I will show picture

This was my today photography i hope you like it very much may allah bless us all with health.ameen


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