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Assalamu O Alaikum

Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you. I hope that you will all be well friends and by the grace of God I am also well. Today I will tell you about my religion that I did today. Get up today at three o'clock. I got up, did a walkie-talkie and went to the baby. On my way back from the washroom, the Fajr call came to the village mosque in our village, so I went to the mosque to offer the danger prayer. I prayed and after praying I said the one who recited it and came back home and when I did the incident I took a picture of him which I took and I will show it to you.


On my way back from the mosque I tell you I started getting ready for my college and because I had to take it till today my mother got up early and she made breakfast for me and I am ready to have breakfast So my mother put it on the table for breakfast for me, so I fell in love with it and I was ready to have breakfast because I was not in a hurry, so I took a picture while having breakfast. Can show

College time

Then I tell you that I will not call or not and after going a little further one or two kilometers I had to pick up my friend so I have to translate. I picked up my friend and left for cooperation. And when we came to the door of the college, we said, "Go to one of the gates, so that you may know that it was attached, and that which used to eat us. Peace be upon you and our friends." He sat down and we all met friends for a long time, so after we said another thing, we took our lecture.
After taking the doctor, we were almost free from college, so all of us friends took a picture of Dua and after taking the picture, I went to the mosque of my college and I saw that the college girl from our village is the mosque. They are so beautiful, so I made my college's naked mosque an interesting one Then I do the picture I sent with my friend and the picture I sent to my college mosque.


Lunch For Afternoon

The reader left at about one o'clock and I came to my house. A friend of mine took him to his house. I came to his house. He came to my house. He came to me and said, "Son, it's all right, Amy John. I stole my heart from my table and left. So I made my ammy happy. I'll show you what I did. I will show picture for lunch

Playing cricket

Then let me tell you that after doing this today I fell asleep for about two hours and after sleeping I got up at four o'clock and we had our cricket running because I had been playing cricket for so many days. I said ok let's play cricket today so we all got friends we played about three matches out of which we had two matches and one match our friend won While playing cricket, I took a picture .I will show picture

Back to home

It was almost evening and we all went home. One day's work I did. I hope all of you friends liked this post. May God bless us all. Amen.


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