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Helloooo Dear steemian

Hope you are doing great. I will be sharing how i spend my yesterday. I hope my story line make you happy.

bright and beautiful Morning

I woke up today at 6am strong and healthy and took a worm bath. After that i had a time of prayer with my family before facing the day. After the prayers, i clean the house and did some laundry. Then after that i when on checking my rabbit to know how she is fairing.


My cutie rabbit

Well satisfied in the morning, i took my delicious breakfast

puff puff and pap

These are the activities i carried out in the morning.

A great afternoon.

The rain started falling in the afternoon so I decided to read this mind blowing book:

The Power of Self Discipline. Say No to Excuses by Brian Tracy.

He is a powerful author and has so much bless life with his books. One of the good things i learn from this book is that for us to achieve our goals, we will need Self Discipline and give up on excuses all the time.

Mine is old because of constant reading

sweet evening


Purrish banana

I had to prepare food for the house. So i choosed purrish banana. My family love this meal so much. So i prepared it for my people. After the preparation we are the meal and rested. After that i had to help the children at home with their home work from school, it was well done. Finally this was the end of the day. We prayed and thank God for the day and prayed for our protection at night as we sleep.


I hope my story was interesting to you. If not so i hope one part of the story bless you. Please tell me the part that was interesting to you bellow. I will be happy if you like and upvote my post. And hoping to see you on my next story line.

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I greatly appreciate the concern you have shown to my content.
Thanks for upvoting my post.

What a cute bunny, I lost mine because I got sick a few weeks ago, I hope yours is very healthy


oh my God. I'm sorry for the lost. Hope you find another cuttie again.
she is find and fun to be with


Maybe if one day .. if it comes to me I will gladly give it a home


So sweet of you