Photography of the day : A beautiful napping Tiger treefrog (08-09-2021)by @joelmak

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Special greetings Fam

Hope you are doing great today. As for me, I am doing just great. Today, while going out of my office i saw a beautiful tiger treefrog taking a nap on the leaf of a guava tree. It's been so long i saw a frog, i was so excited about it, i decided to take some good pictures of it. I enjoyed the calmness of this frog taking some good sunlight this afternoon. I thought it wise to share with you guys.

I hope the lovely pictures of this treefrog in-lighting your mood just like mine.
Tiger treefrog (Hyloscirtus tigrinus)

Here i decided to have a clove view so we can see :

  • The frog is in full rest
  • the beauty of it tiger skin type
    And also in this form some people might not recognize if it's really a frog.

here is the branch on which this treefrog desired to take a nap on


Finally the tree it self. Its a young guava tree where the beautiful tiger treefrog lives for now.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the tiger treefrog napping pose.

More details

Photo captured by @Joelmak
Camera Device Tecno F1
Lens default
Location Cameroon

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Stay bless and happy in life. Much love from this end
Your faithful @joelmak

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