The Diary game/A field trip to the Sokoban wood village/ 17/07/2021

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Hello steemians, it’s amazing to always share my experiences during the day with you all. My today’s diary is a trip to the Sokoban wood village. Sokoban is a small town in Ghana who are basically into selling different types of timber.
Once a while it’s very nice to go on a field to obtain some more knowledge of what have been taught in class. We were studying about timber and it’s properties. The lecturer proposed that we go to the Sokoban wood village to see the woods for ourselves and appreciate it very well. So on the 16th of July 2021, we embarked on the trip to the wood village.


Upon reaching the wood village the class my separated into three groups with each group have a conductor. The conductor took us around the wood village showing us the various types of timber, their uses and properties.


The picture above is odum, the strongest of the wood which is use for making heavy construction works and window and door frames. Their very expensive and scarce. It’s very durable with high density.

After the timber have been fell and cut into various sizes and shapes, there’s the need to dry it to help it get it maximum strength and prevent it from decaying and insect attacks. We visited the smoke dryer were the woods are dried under controlled conditions.


Our trip finally ended when we visited the forest to see some of the trees. These trees are juvenile since the forest we went to was just created by research.


The trip was fun and educational since we found a lot interesting facts about them. We also told them too much harvesting without planting is very harmful and they should try their possible best to plant more as they cut them down. As the saying goes, when the last tree dies the last man dies too. Thank you all for reading

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I’m really excited to be here

We Thank God for traveling mercies and successful journey back from forest. Great post. Thanks so much!


Thank you so much I really appreciate your prayers and support.

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