Frequently Asked Questions On Steemit Reward Payouts.

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Hey everyone,

So there have been influx of newcomers in to the platform recently and i am very happy to be making this post as it will be helping the newcomers on this platform with their frequently asked questions. As an Alumni of this community and a Steemian that has recruit newcomers to this platform, i get alot of questions about "Payouts", so i will be answering related questions on that.

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When I am about to post my content, i see a default reward setting of 50%/50%, what does it mean?

When You click on that default setting, three options comes out that you can choose from, anyone you choose affects your post payout:

  • 50%/50% - This means that half of your payment will be in Steem Back Dollars (SBD) and the other half will be in Steem Power (SP).
  • Power Up 100% - This means that your entire payout will be in Steem Power (SP).
  • Decline Payout - means that you won't be receiving any reward at payout.

When will my post payout?

All posts or comments stay a duration of 7 days before payouts occurs. So your post pays out after 7 days of posting.

Why does my Upvote keep changing?

Normally, Upvotes increases your payout and red flags decreases your payout. So If you haven't received any additional new upvotes or flags but you have an upvote, there are other reasons why your upvote that will payout may change:

  • The blockchain has a fixed amount of new STEEM generated every week that is been dispersed to users as rewards in that period of 7 day, so the system is making an estimate of how much you will receive based on the percentage of Steem Power-adjusted votes your post possesses. For example, if your post receives an upvote of $8.01 and then some other post was now voted higher than yours, some portion of your post's value is reallocated to this highly-voted post making your post worth $7.45 because that popular post needs money to payout too.

  • Another reason that leads to your payout changing is price movement of STEEM. If the price of STEEM increases, the value of your post will increase, and if the price decreases, the value of your post decreases too. This is visible from the third day of your post most times.

My post was upvoted with $6.60, why did I get a payout of $3.30?

It is very important to note that the dollar figure you see below your post or comment is not the same as the amount of your payout. You, as the author, is guaranteed to get 50% of the total. As much as 50% goes to the curators (those that upvoted your post). So from the above instance, you receive $3.30 while the curators receive $3.30.

if I was supposed to receive $3.30, why did I only get paid 1.65 SBD and 3.42 Steem Power?

The above happened because before you posted your content, you choosed the default 50%SBD/50%SP payout option. So you received half of your payout in Steem Dollars which is $1.65(ie half of $3.30). So for the 3.42Steem power that you received, its means that the average price of Steem as at when your post paid out was $0.48. So 3.42 Steem x $0.48 = $1.64. So thats where the other 50% of your payout went to.

I’m upvoting posts at the right time but i am not getting meaningful curation awards?

This quite simple and understandable. To receive a meaningful curation rewards, you need the combination of the following:

  • Steem Power
  • High voting power
  • High voting weight
  • You must also upvote a post before it becomes popular and after 5mins the content has been posted.
  • Upvoting a post that is already trending isn't going to earn you much in curation rewards.
  • Also, having very little Steem Power will really not help you earn any curation rewards, even when voting optimally.

If you find a post that you think will become popular, upvote it, then resteem it to your followers. The resteem will help the post become that much more popular. The result will be a higher curation reward for yourself.

What can i do with the SBD that i earn from a reward?

You have a few options:

  • Visit a Steem marketplace and change them to STEEM.
  • You can save them in your Steemit Wallet.
  • Cash them out.
  • Power Up (Must convert to STEEM before powering up)

Do you need clarification on anything? What do you want to learn next? Let me know in the comments!

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