Read This If You Want To Make Quality Content On Steemit As A Newcomer.

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Hey Newcomers, i am so happy to be making this post because I know a lot of you are trying to figure out how to make it to the top of that trending page or how to put out a good and quality content. Since i joined this platform, I have been trying to post contents that pass my standards of quality and also encourage my fellow steemians especially the newcomers to post quality contents.

In this post, I'll be enumerating some elements that I think will distinguish a quality content from just an ordinary content. This is to inspire and motivate the newcomers to aim for quality in their posts.


It should have Clear Intention.

  • it is very important that your post have a clear intention in the sense that you are making a post that sends the right message to the intended audience. If you intend to make a post that informs, make an informative post, if you have it in your mind that you want to muse your audience, go ahead, no one is stopping you but make sure you are getting the message across to the right audience or community. For example, Financial Security Community is a community that teaches steemians the measures at which they can have stable finance as well as secure their finance on steemit, once you join them, you have to make content relating to what the community is about.

It Should Add Value.

  • It is very important that your content is adding value to the steemit platform. This is because Steemit is a platform that is growing and will continue grow if quality is been maintained. However, you should have in mind that any post made on Steemit is recorded on the blockchain so make sure its adding Value. Everything is public here and its advisable not to write any negative or derogatory post as it will remain in the platform forever and reduce the value of the platform.

It Should Have a Desired Length.

  • Steemit is a community that does not only have content creators but also content consumers, so post that are longer and has quality is very much appreciated by those content consumers. I usually advise my new recruits when they try to make content that, they should write it all out and never hold back, by doing that, the post is longer. Longer post that has all the qualities are regarded as exceptional and will be recognized by @steemcurator01 or anyone. Hence, make sure you are not leaving anything hanging, write all the relevant points and then you will be appreciated. This is kind of controversial because, their are some post that still has quality but not long enough.

It Should be Well-Supplemented.

  • This has to do with making your post appealing or engaging depending on what kind of post you want to make by adding photos, embedded videos, adding infographics etc that will make your readers glued to your content till the end. When adding those photos, videos or infographics, they should supplement the content you are writing. It is also an added bonus if captions are been added to the above mentioned supplement, although its not mandatory but it will really help those that like visual information.

It Should be Coherent and Has Good Grammar

  • This is another controversial one for me because not all steemians are good in grammer and most steemians write in other languages which is their primary language. Well, Steemit has always supported anyone who wishes to share something as long as it adds value to the community like i said before, irrespective of the language used, there must be someone in the platform that will appreciate it.

Grammar and coherence always go hand-in-hand. Coherence has to do with how you can tie your ideas in a seamless way to form one big story, your story. If this story is written with good grammar, your content becomes quality. there's nothing wrong with using a language you're very comfortable with, your local community will always appreciate it.

It Should Encourage Valuable Comments

  • Comments are usually part of a content and its a great way of adding value to Steemit. When your content is quality, it encourages engagement like commenting. However, valuable comments must not always mean that the reader agrees to your content, most times there can be clash of ideas but the good thing here is that it started from your content and then there can be new ideas formed and learnt at the same time. Make sure to engage back by replying those comments.

It Should Not Be Plagiarized.

  • Plagiarism is one rule that the Steemit platform is against and it is advisable that you are not found doing it. Its fine to get inspired by an author's content but important that you write in your own words and not copy exactly what the author has written. It is also advisable that you site the source of the content if you are copying exactly, that is "giving credit to the author" of the main content.

Finally, consistently posting a quality content is actually not easy but when you put effort to achieve that desired outcome, it will definitely worth it. If you want to create that quality content, formulate questions from the above elements I mentioned and if you are able to answer them, then your content is regarded as high quality.

I hope this post was helpful, thanks for reading

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