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Hello friends, how are you? I hope you will fall in love. As you know, the good month of Madhan-ul-Mubarak is going on. You attacked Al-Aqsa Mosque in which manyMany Muslims were martyred in it. It was evening time and Taraweeh prayers were going on. Two shots were fired. Many worshipers were praying. Pakistan is not a Muslim who is afraid of terrorists by attack. All Muslims pray Taraweeh prayers.


Hello friends, as you can see in this picture that many Muslims were martyred, read more on the bodies of many Muslims than the post of the police in which the terrorists were captured but many Muslims He had taken many Muslims in his custody and left them naked. He was very happy to martyr Al-Aqsa Mosque in the midst of the prayers of many women. I saw and many attempts were made to martyr most of the mosque. Shots were fired on the top of Al-Aqsa Mosque. Al-Aqsa Mosque was badly martyred. Islam Islam Islam Islam again no one can cure Islam because Islam Islam Islam Islam Whoever raises his hand against Islam Islam goes against Islam of Islam Allah Almighty comes the most

Terrorist attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque

104 Prayers As you know, whatever you wish to do in it will be the prayer as you saw in this picture that a Muslim has offered prayers. There are many people standing beside him. He was not afraid of many, because one day he will die and he will have to go free from Allah. There will be a place in heaven, there will be no death in heaven, this world is mortal, one day we have to go from here, so we have to die. Muslims are ready to be martyred Muhammad Siddique Sahib Barelvi Ulema attacked I don't know that Muslims are born to be martyrs The lives of Muslims but I will not allow anything to happen to one Sahib What is the point of martyring Al-Aqsa Mosque? They want it raining here. The Jews are conspiring a lot. You will not allow the educated to succeed in mediating peace. They do not know that Muslims are the only Muslims who do not fear anyone other than Allah. Muslims only talk about Allah Almighty. Muslims are not submissive to anyone. A true Muslim does everything for the pleasure of a woman. Could it be that only for the sake of Allah, someone, dear friend, gave us Islam, Islam, Islam, by doing very good deeds for Islam, that Allah Almighty was pleased with you and by doing good deeds, we belong to Paradise, Paradise belongs to us, Allah Almighty belongs to us.

True muslim

As you can see friends are attacking two children They do not know that terrorists are tyrants. Terrorists brutally martyred these children. These children were also Muslims. They were just playing.I am very sad to see you, little innocent children of children, I have two nephews, little ones, I missed them The martyr does not die in the attack of heaven and paradise, the martyr is always alive, but this world goes away from the mortal, so it is said that he was martyred, he remained in this world. For the sake of Allaah, may Allaah know that the righteous servant of Allaah has been cut off in the way of Allaah.

Al-Aqsa Mosque





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