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Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are all well, so I saw the picture in the morning. What is the power of Allah Almighty? Allah Almighty has made everything in this world for man and then rain for man and rain for man.Man should give thanks to Allah Almighty in every situation because man has been blessed with this thing by Allah Almighty. Man is ungrateful. He does not give thanks to Allah's creatures and things, yet Allah Almighty gives man many blessings. Because man has been created by Allah Almighty

The Educator School


Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are all well and good. As you know, this is my second post today. I am very happy to post this post as soon as I wake up. When I saw the weather was very beautiful, the weather was very lovely, I made a picture of the clouds, the clouds were very cute, black, black clouds, I was very happy, so much love came out of my mouth immediately. What is the power of Allah Almighty? What a sight I saw in Allah Almighty or I thank Allah Almighty that I have such lovely eyes with which I saw this scene of Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty gave me the ability to see crazy. Property I was so happy so cute clouds so dark black clouds weather was so good i was fasting but when you see the clouds lovely weather cool cool wind gone will be very very happy


And as soon as I saw on the street, many shops were closed because there is a town all over Pakistan due to the corona virus. All the shops were closed due to the downfall, but what should people do? As soon as the police car arrives, people close their shops and run away, so please do not take any action due to which the number of corona virus is also increasing, so people should keep their distance between themselves. Close the shops The days of Eid have come too. I will come in a day or two. I have opened two shops so that people can sell their wares and our government wants the shops to remain closed to fight the coronavirus.


And yes friends there is an educator school campus on the other side of my house which is very close to my house where children come to study and I see daily when the assembly is taking place very nice view Occurs when the children are standing in line. The full ACP is following it. There is a distance between the children. Now the people because of which the schools are closed. No, I will show you how to avoid each other. Stand up. It's a great sight. It's a sight to behold. The heart feels great. The Pete School campus is great. In terms of reading, there are Ph.D. M.Phil teachers and very good teachers and their. The principal is a very noble and kind person who gives free education to poor children. I was very happy to hear this when I found out that the principals here give free education to poor children and this is absolutely true because here Many children also study in the mosque. Employees The children of their employees are also studying here for free. The school has a small mosque where the children have fun. Pray at the time of

Beautiful view


Yes friends, today I went to Kasur. I used Pir Sahib and had a lot of fun with his own friends. I and my friend were there. They were very long. That's why I sang Kasur Road in the train. The idea of ​​how the train was named after the mother of the station was also a bit far-fetched

Train πŸš‰






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Rain β˜”

Train πŸš‰

The diary game

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