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This is the courageous and great Arab woman whom I am proud to see that in the ummah of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) these are the brave Arabs who are the real protectors and preachers of the religion of the government. The first qiblah is as bright as ... This luminous face is as bright as Jerusalem ... Courageous daughters of Syeda Kainat (peace be upon her) May the Almighty be your guardian ...
Israel, one day you will rot in hell, and the day of reckoning is near

The veil is the greatest strength of a woman

In Islam, women have been given very good rights and before the advent of the Prophet (peace be upon him) there was a time of ignorance. Brothers and sisters have become enemies of each other's lives. Ayatollah Ali Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent among them The expulsion of the infidels from ignorance brought them to the light of IslamBefore the advent of Islam, no rights were given. Urdu was burned alive. Islam came and gave rights to women. I am living with great pride. Women's veil is the greatest strength of women. Hijab is the greatest strength of a woman and a woman looks very beautiful in hijab

I am proud of this sister

Hazrat Imam Hassan Hussain (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) made many sacrifices for the sake of Islam, but he was martyred on 10th Muharram. The infidels who were martyred in a month, Qadri martyred him, the flag of Islam was raised by Imam Hassan and Hussain. Muslims remember the martyrdom and sacrifice of Imam Hassan Hussain very much and even today go to his shrine. Our Islamabad is in safe hands because of their sacrifices and we give thanks from the bottom of our hearts for their sacrifices. Allah Almighty has given us very pure prophets. Allah Almighty sent many prophets to the world for the sake of Islam and their job was to convey the messages of Allah Almighty to the Muslims and they dedicated their lives for the sake of Islam and we should follow in their footsteps. Let him live his life and do good deeds for the sake of Islam


As all friends know, a month of Ramadan is going on. People, we Muslims, are fasting all the time and we should not fast at all. Fasting cannot stop the name of hunger strike. He saves others from work. He makes his Muslim brothers realize that he is fasting. He stays on hunger strike all day and steals from others all day. He keeps on talking. He is not fasting as you know. I have a lot of poor people and we should not only bless them but also help them. There are poor children who are old enough to read. They are begging on the streets. They are selling something. We should realize. That there are also very innocent children in our house. The guest should be treated like his own children.So that they too can make Pakistan famous. They can do something for Pakistan. They can do something for Pakistan and do very good things for them. If they are not helped, they will spread all over the region. Doing evil deeds, stealing, sin, fighting, quarreling and getting caught in very bad deeds, so we should become poor and help them, and in the month of Ramadan, Allah Almighty has given us so much for Allah Almighty. I should help my Muslim brothers so that Allah Almighty accepts our goodness and accepts our fast of Ramadan Amen or Lord of the Worlds

We must help our poor Muslims







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