The diary game ,,,,with my friends,,,,New post,,,30/05/2021,,,😊😊😊😊

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Hello friends, how are you? I hope you are all well and well. May God keep you happy and healthy forever. May God keep you safe. If you come, my friends, today I am through my cousin and my cousin. I invite you to our house. I will eat your food. I will come the next day at noon. No, I have not eaten. I was 80. Then he said, "We are going to eat pizza. We have just finished eating pizza. They have a very good investment

pizza πŸ• πŸ•

Yes friends, we came to my house after eating pizza. All my friends said that it was very hot here and it started to get very hot. I told them to go home and sit down. Done and we all ate together

Brother 😊

Let's eat water cake before we eat because we asked what happened. I didn't like it much. Her friends told us to sing.


After a while Jamshed bhai told me that it is too late now bring food and then I said I will decide to give voice to my brother to heat the food is not ready. He said in the group I used to call my friends


I told my cousin to come and eat. Let's eat. They told their friends to come. Dude, the food is ready. All the friends came. We all ate together. The house looks very good. I won a lot with the determination to be with my cousin's friends

Friends 😊



Thanku so much 😊

The diary game

New post


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