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Hello, dear steemians. I am participating in this contest. Let's start.

Q1: How did you hear about Steemit? What do you think about it?

I got the information about steemit from by friend Tamim Rahat Mithun. He is also a steemian. He told me that steemit is a wonderfull blockchain based social media where you can post your daily activities and earn from that. Then i interesated to steemit & joined here. I didnt know many important rules and regulation of steemit community. But when i had started writting the achievement posts followed by @cryptokannon 's Lists of Achievements, then i learned many thigs. Now I am a pro new commer verified. I think steemit is a great platform for the people who want to earn by sharing their skills, moments, activities and many more. I just loved with steemit.

Q2: How did you do with your accomplishments in the newcomer community and which one are you looking for?

On this newcomer community, I have completed my all achievement post and i got the pro new commer label. Yes, this is my accomplishment I think. Cause i didn't know much about this steemit before completed the achievement tasks. And now i think that i know much about this great paltform. Now, I am looking for a good community where i can share my posts and get proper feedback from there. I also want to be a Country Representative of my beloved country Bangladesh.
And also want to operate a community.

Q3: What things have you learned that you did not know before coming to Steemit?

I have learned many things after joining here on steemit. At first, I want to say about plagiarism. i didn't know about plagiarism but now I have learned it properly after joining steemit. I also learned about cryptocurrency. Besides, there are many more things that i have learned here.

Q4: What have you not learned or yet do not understand? And what are your doubts about it?

I have some doubts about curation rewards. I got a vote of $17.48 but in the end, I got only $12! I have share about steemit with my friends & family. Many friends had started steeming. But some of them didn't get curation. And my sister @balyphooll had posted her Introduction post & the post was featured in Have ya met!. But she didn't get verification. I encourage her to post again & she posted. but still now it is not verified. Why!

Answer 5: Two nice people I've met on steemit:

I have met with two nice people on steemit. Number one @tarpan, who helped me to complete my achievements. And second one is @toufiq777, who helped me to know about plagiarism & give a chance to post on Steem Bangladesh.

Q6: Which user do you admire or is he an example to follow for you?

When I joined steemit, I have started writing achievements. The country Representative @tarpan approved my maximum tasks & gave curator upvotes. Then I have started following him. And now, I want to be like him on this great platform, Steemit.

@7: How do you see yourself in 6 months on steemit? What is your goal? How many Steem Powers do you expect to build during that 6-month period?

After 6 months, I want to see myself as a Country Representative of Bangladesh. It's my dream now. My expectation is very high. I want to build more than 5k steem power during this 6 month period.

Q8: What would you tell a friend to join steemit?

I have encouraged many of my friends to join steemit. There are more than 30 friends who have joined here because of me. I have told them, steemit is a great platform for every people who want to earn by doing simple tasks. And it will make your leisure time to money. So join here & start earning. They have understood & started steeming.

Thanks for reading. I have written all the answers to the given questions. Please review my post.

My Introduction Post

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Hi @shemul21

Delighted to receive your participation.

It is excellent that you have great goals and that you have helped many to join steemit.

Regarding your questions, we receive only a percentage of the rewards, since 50% is for the curators and the other 50% is for the authors.

Sometimes it takes time to verify the achievements but your sister may mention in her post to the greeters in charge of doing the verification to review her post.

I hope I have answered your questions.

Thanks for participating. I wish you a lot of success.