The Diarygame| Betterlife | street food | 6 june, 2021

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Hello dear steemians. How are you?

Today I'm sharing a small diary game. It’s about street food.

In the evening, I've gone to Rayer Bazar near my mess. I had nothing to do then. I was bored at home alone. So, I went out & took a rikshaw to go to nearby Market.


There are many temporary food court at Rayer bazar. Various types of foods are available in a cheep price. I choose nuddles. Cause it’s my favorite.


The test of that nuddles was average. It could get rating 6 out of 10. But that time I was hungry. So, I finished that.


Captured with: Redmi Note 10 Pro

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Thanks for your advice

Makanan yang lezat

I do not like nuddles but you are looking so cute. With nuddles plate.

Nice Diary from your side.