Steemit Nursery Contest: What makes me happy/ Lo que me hace feliz

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Hello dear friends!

Today we come with a new contest, we want you to be inspired by writing, tell us what makes you happy.

Everyone is welcome to participate.

How to participate in the contest:

For this contest we want you to be inspired. Sometimes we don't know what to write about, but thinking about what makes us happy, remembering what those things are, certainly inspires us.

You can write about:

  • People: Family, Friends, Couple, Children, Nephews, any person who contributes to making you happy, their way of being, their example, their gestures, etc.
  • Activities: Hobbies, things you do that make you happy.
  • Feelings and emotions: Kindness, hope, solidarity, sharing, any feeling you see in others or in yourself that makes you happy.

We will be interested in reading what you have to share with us.

Write a post where you tell us and add photos that support your story.

Contest Rules:

  • Write a publication that has a maximum of 300 words.

  • Any language is welcome.

  • Your post title should be like this:

Steemit Nursery Contest: What makes me happy/ your title/ by @autor.

  • Use the tags #contest #betterlife #writing #yourcountry (your country) in this order.

  • You must publish in the Steemit Nursery community.

  • If possible, share your post on your social networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

  • Share your participation link here in the comments of this post.

  • Be creative, write in your own words, plagiarism is not allowed.

  • Preferably use your own images, and if not, you must place the source of the images.

  • Invite 3 people to join the contest.

Give Resteem to this publication so that more people can find out and join the contest.


The prizes will be awarded by Steemcurator03 votes for the first 5 places, the votes will be given in a publication that is active.

Contest Duration

From this Monday, May 30 to June 12, End time: 11:59 pm (UTC), 8:00 pm (Venezuela time)

This contest is organized and conducted by:
Steemit Nursery Team



¡Hola queridos amigos!

El día de hoy venimos con un nuevo concurso, queremos que te inspires al escribir, cuéntanos qué te hace feliz.

Todos son bienvenidos a participar.

Cómo participar en el concurso:

Para este concurso queremos que te inspires. A veces no sabemos sobre qué tema escribir, pero pensar en qué nos hace feliz, recordar cuáles son esas cosas, sin duda nos inspira.

Puedes escribir sobre:

  • Personas: Familia, Amigos, Pareja, Hijos, Sobrinos, cualquier persona que contribuya a hacerte feliz, su forma de ser, su ejemplo, sus gestos, etc.
  • Actividades: Hobbies, aficiones, cosas que haces que te hacen feliz.
  • Sentimientos y emociones: La bondad, la esperanza, la solidaridad, el compartir, cualquier sentimiento que veas en otros o en ti mismo que te hace feliz.

Estaremos interesados en leer lo que tengas para compartirnos.

Escribe una publicación donde nos cuentes y agrega fotos que respalden tu historia.

Reglas del Concurso:

  • Escribe una publicación que tenga máximo 300 palabras.

  • Cualquier idioma es bienvenido.

  • El título de tu publicación debería ser así:

Steemit Nursery Contest: Lo que me hace feliz/ tu título/ por @autor.

  • Utilice las etiquetas #contest #betterlife #writing #yourcountry (tu país) en este orden.

  • Debes publicar en la comunidad Steemit Nursery.

  • De ser posible, comparte tu publicación en tus redes sociales Twitter, facebook, Instagram.

  • Comparta su enlace de participación acá en los comentarios de esta publicación.

  • Sé creativo, escribe con tus propias palabras, no se permite el plagio.

  • De preferencia utiliza imágenes propias, y de no ser así debes colocar la fuente de las imágenes.

  • Invita a 3 personas para que se unan al concurso.

Darle Resteem a esta publicación para que así más personas pueden enterarse e incorporarse al concurso.


Los premios serán otorgados por votos de Steemcurator03 para los 5 primeros lugares, los votos se darán en una publicación que este activa.

Duración del Concurso

Se ha establecido un total de 14 días desde este lunes 30 de Mayo hasta el sábado 12 de Junio, Hora de finalización: 11:59 pm (UTC), 8:00 pm (hora de Venezuela)

This contest is organized and conducted by :
Steemit Nursery Team

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I got here through the blog of @disconnect. I will be posting a link of my entry to this later on. Cheers!

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Thank you so much 😊

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Thank you so much


Thanks for participating you have entry number #1


Thank you ma'am


Gracias por participar, tienes la entrada numero #2


Thank you for participating you have entry number #3


Thank you for participating you have entry number #5


Thanks for considering my entry. Cheers!


Thank you for participating you have entry number #6

My link to the contest entry: link

I invite @kishwarsumbal @madilyn02 @ghani12 to participate in this contest


Thank you for the invitation dear friend i will surely make my entry @ibtisamwaqas


Thank you for invitations ☺️


Thank you for participating you have entry number #7


Thank you for participating you have entry number #8

I will write about the thing which makes me happy with in few hours its a great contest.. every contest should be like this which inspires to write and attract everyone by just with the title @steemitnursery , @inspiracion


Thank you for participating you have entry number #10

Very interesting. I will participate actively. Thanks the leader @inspiracion for this wonderful opportunity.

Nice contest. Expect my entry soon

I wrote an entry, left the link and now it's gone.
Did you block me? This definately does not make me happy 😭


Thank you for participating you have entry number #13


Thank you.


Thank you for participating you have entry number #14


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Hi @thatchic

In order to participate in the contest you must follow the instructions.

You must also post within the Steemit Nursery community.

I invite you to perform the achievements in the Newcomers community:


Thank you for participating you have entry number #18


Greetings dear friend @inspiracion from @steemitnursery

Here is my small contribution to this contest. Thanks for arranging such beautiful contest. Stay blessed!!


Thank you for participating you have entry number #9