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Hello friends, it is my humble pleasure to participate in my steemit Nursery contest. I hope we are doing all well. Just from my introduction Post on Achievement-1 Task, I stated clearly on my background and profile and the need to continue to engage in some posts and writings as it affects my line of course and experience. As an Agricultural Economist that currently have over 10years telecommunication sales experience, I still desire to learn more about Agricultural Farming, and to be specific Poultry Farming. This is what I desire as person to further more on aside my Steemit blogging. Poultry farming is simply the act of raising birds either for domestic or commercial use all geared towards meat and egg production.

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Why Do I Want To Learn More About Poultry Farming

According to a report by the African Economic Outlook on Agriculture, there are fears that an estimated 200 million African youth population may likely double up by the year 2045 due to issues bothering on low profitability, ungoverned rural areas with unsecured land tenure systems. This has played a major role in rural to Urban migration with tendencies of causing food scarcity, exponential growth in youth unemployment and with declined yield due to aging farmers and traditional system of farming in use.

These are some of the reasons why I want to learn more about Poultry Farming:

  • To Enhance My Personal Income
    I keep imagining why many still have cold feelings in poultry farming, most especially the wealthy ones within us. There is no money invested in poultry farming that is a waste. Funny enough, indulging in both meat and egg production increases your income generating inflow. For example, a crate of egg in 2017 was sold for $1.8 (N900 or 2steem) but currently in 2021, the same crate of egg is sold for $3 (N1,500 or 3.3steem). In same vain, an old layer was sold for $3 (N1500 or 3.3steem) in 2017 but now sold for $4.4 (N2,200 or 4.9steem) in 2021. It is obviously clear that a trial in this poultry project is a financial breakthrough to the investor.

  • To Guarantee Self Employment and Also Create Employment Opportunities to others
    Just like I narrated, my experience in my place of work with so much job uncertainty does not worth the trauma. As far as we continue to work for others, we cannot completely be assured of our position all the time due to uncertainties associated in career jobs. those number of productive years put into poultry farming will not only guarantee my job position but would also give access to job employment to others. We all know that there's nothing like being your own boss.

  • To Assure Return On Investment
    Poultry farming being lucrative and being a means of income inflow does not mean that not being knowledgeable about the workings would also guarantee the expected result. We also need to be careful and apply all set guidelines and learn more about all it takes before venturing into it. Therefore, knowing this process is a sure way of a guaranteed ROI. Imagine starting up a poultry farm partly on meat production and you start making profits after 3months.

  • To Improve Continuous Source of Revenue
    There is nothing like having a means of income that is a going concern. All we need to know is the basis and more knowledge on how to improve on what we indulge in. Imagine when your layers start laying eggs, this becomes limitless on what you sell on daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is expected that once they started in egg laying, they stay up to 18months before inconsistency sets in. At their peak, some are seen to lay twice a day but when off peak (which is largely after 18months of lay or poor feeding status) they barely lay once per day. Plans to replace aging layers should also be put in place to avoid gap. So these are some of the things we need to learn and articulate before planning towards poultry farming.

  • To Explore its Waste Resources For Other Useful Purposes
    This is another source of knowledge most of us are yet to harness. What we call waste maybe another farmers key player in enhancing its yield. Therefore, it doe not only serve as fertilizer to our personal farms but as a means of revenue generation when sold out to other farmers.

What I'm Currently Doing to Make this Happen

The major challenge here is the capital to start up this mind blowing lucrative business venture. This has continued to hinder the moves and strategy put in place to bring it up. A total amount of 25,000steem when compared to the local NGN value is needed to get this project up. A business plan has ben adopted but this subject to inflationary rate as value changes due to delay in executing this project. Capital is been mopped up but not able to execute completely as planned.

Details of plan already adopted with value

  • Land acquisition also bought and valued at 2,500 steem (NGN1,000,000)
  • Other Pending project awaiting execution;
    (a) Setting up the Pen _ Valued at 6,250steem
    (b) Providing all accessories including drinking and feeding troughs valued at 1,250steem
    (c) Drilling of Borehole for water availability valued at 2,500steem
    (d) Building of security post and perimeter fencing valued at 2,500steem
    (e) Purchase of 5000 Chicks valued at 3,750steem
    (f) Purchase of feeding until point of sale and lay valued at 7,906steem
    (g) Cost of labor/ payment valued at 2,500steem

(Steem rate at the point of this post is NGN400)

Thank you everyone for reading through my post.
@inspiracion, this is my entry.

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Hi @xkool24. The fact that you want to learn more about your profession is very important, that makes you a better professional, and prepares you to make a better contribution to your community and the environment where you operate. I congratulate you for that.

Thank you for your participation. I wish you can achieve your goals :D


Thank you so much for putting up this platform @inspiracion. Hopeful to see this goal achieved.

That is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing .


Thank you @albertodecrutor for getting inspired by my post. Hopeful it is achieved