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Each time whenever we mention the word Chile, it denotes hotness as seen in most parts of the country but there is an exception for the Mexicans. The Mexicans see chile as all types of pepper irrespective of it's hotness. There are different types of peppers and they are most times classified according to their hotness and Capsaicin level.

Capsaicin level in peppers are determined by how much sugar water it takes to neutralize the heat. This is a key ingredient in pepper and its level ranges from 0 - 1,641,183 (SHU). SHU stands for Scoville Heat Units. From the list of hot peppers, Carolina Reaper are seen to be the hottest specie of pepper in man's history. Other varieties of hot pepper include; Anaheim, Cayenne, Habanero, Paprika, Tabasco etc. Naturally, dried peppers are known to be more hot than the fresh ones. The tinner the stem , the hotter the pepper also.

Some of the Benefits of Chile Pepper

  • Removes Migraine: A spray of the Capsaicin close to the nose axis ( though hurts ) has the capacity to numb the Brain's Trigeminal Nerve. This is a spot in the brain where some Migraines and severe headaches originates from.

A study as quoted said 8 out 10 people who had cluster, tension and other headaches are seen to have total relief for a while after this process was used on them. They vividly said the sharp tingle was worth the it.

  • Clears Runny Nose: Most non allergic rhinitis gets cleared by a whiff of a Capsaicin. This helps to calm symptoms seen but this process does not guarantee cure for those having symptoms as a result of cold, allergies, or from smoke. At the initial stage, this solution may seem smart and to others worse but it is assured that as soon as Capsaicin kicks in, this stuffiness may disappear completely for months.

  • Kills some Cancer cells: Though there are unclear research work on this which is saddled with uncertainties, Capsaicin are seen to kill cells linked to different types of cancers. The Capsaicin is seen to change the activity of genetic cancer cells and also limit and retard cancer growths.

  • Used for Food Preservation: Peppers are traditionally used by our aged parents as preservatives for their food stuffs. Peppers are natural antimicrobial with capacity to kill germs/micro-organisms. In recent times, manufacturers are on trial test to see if extracts from Chile peppers can be used as preservatives rather than the use of artificial preservatives. Some of the local food we see our aged parents use peppers for are beans and maize/corn.

  • Speeds Up Metabolism: The total-body flush when we eat hot pepper soup is more than a feeling. Capsaicin helps to activate our sensory neuron which reduces our appetite level and limit fat build up in our system. The metabolism quickening seen here might also help in weight lose. Who says if researched, this methodology wont be used for reducing overweight.

  • Build body and Soothe Arthritis: Capsaicin is one of the key ingredients seen in majority of the creams and lotions that bring heat to rapidly quash pains seen in arthritis. With such ingredients, the unusual pains seen in arthritis and fibromyalgia are reduced drastically by half in just a week application.

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