Taipei Night Shot 1

9개월 전

Hi, I am @luueetang

Recently, I went on a trip to Taiwan and it is the second time I've visited Taiwan. The first time was in 2014. 6 years ago.
There was this major concern and that is the Coronavirus which had my wife and I worried. Nevertheless, we went there and currently we are back in Malaysia.


Night shot of Taipei. I did some lightroom adjustments to the picture to give it that bladerunner feeling. More pictures will be uploaded. Still taking my time to edit and adjust the lighting of each photo. The next thing after that is to write a trip journal on my wordpress blog. It's my first community post here. I haven't really comprehend the full use of this new social platform. Do follow me to follow me through my life in Miri, Malaysia.

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Thank you. It was just
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