That one, and only time, yachting in Norway

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When I think of Norway, I also remember the most beautiful landscapes I have ever witnessed, I remember seeing the highest density of Teslas that Europe probably has, and I consider this country, the Richie Rich country. I guess we can blame all that on oil... or not, but it's definitely a great one, and it offered me my first experience of a yacht.

Yep, the poor Romanian got to enjoy an afternoon ride with a yacht...for free. The owner was some Norwegian guy, Jon , that was kind enough to invite us, a group of friends of one of his friends, to have a ride on his yacht to a near by small island and back. Don't ask the names of the harbor where he had his yacht and the island because I simply forgot it... All I know it was about 60 km away from Oslo.

The day was a really great Sunday, at the beginning of July from what I remember, and in my opinion the best summers you can have, are in Norway. Long days, warm days, no heat, good vibes. If Norway would have such a weather the whole year I would do anything to live there for the rest of my life.

Back to the yacht... It was quite big. Not huge, as I've seen bigger ones, but not tinny either. It was powered by two 350hp diesel engines and it was thirsty as hell. At maximum speed, which was about the equivalent of some 55 km/h, you would need 200 liters per hour. We didn't cruse at that speed because it was leisure time and hence I got to capture some pics on the way and in the harbor, but all that was possible.

They're almost all in portrait mode, because at that time I was uploading most of them on instagram and facebook, but still really nice ones, and hope you'll like em. It was a great experience, as I love boats and being on water although I'm a bad swimmer, and who knows...maybe one day I'll have my own yacht, or at least get to another one for something similar. Enjoy!













If you ever get to this post Jon, thanks for the experience. A great one. Now back to my daily life, and the uninvited rain...

Thanks for attention,

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How nice! I guess you "rented" a crew as well, with skipper and everything? Or they just give you the yacht? :)


No crew involved. Just us and the owner.