Come and join us "Play Lottery Game" Welcome Every One! Win 2X Steem and SBD!

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Welcome Everyone to Play Lottery Game #PLG!

# What is Play Lottery Game #PLG ?

Play Lottery Game #PLG is a game that allows you to quickly double your Steem and SBD.

# How will this game be handled ?

We'll ask you a question and you need to answer correct, with a single digit number. (E.g. 9)

If we ask a question like below then how you will send answer

Q) What is the full form of #PLG ?

A) Play Lutlo Game B) Play Lucky Game

C) Play Love Game D) Play Lottery Game

You need to send your answer like below


Choose answer and a single digit number and an amount of Steam what you like, send it to @dimosaaa

# Why you send Steem, and how much you will get back if you win a #PLG ?

The number of Steem you send you will get back double of Steem you send. E.g. If you send 5 Steem and your answer is correct and your number is match and you win, then you will get double (5 X 2)= 10 Steem.

# How we play and how to choose who won?

You cane see below our Play Lottery Game Board #PLGB, we find the lucky number using this bored, you can see ten(10) number on the #PLGB board, 0 to 9. We will spin the board and get the lucky number, every single game.


# How we find the number? an E.g. is below ?

We spin the board and get a number, you cane watch our YouTube video below.

Now we got the lucky number 9.

We will use this tool #PLG Board, and find the number each game. And it will happens LIVE on our YouTube Channel !

How to eligible to participate in this game?

1. Follow us @dimosaaa and Resteem. (Mandatory)

2. Follow and Like us on Facebook. (Mandatory)

3. Subscribe our YouTube Channel, and Like videos. (Mandatory)

4. Follow us on Twitter. (Mandatory)


!!!Thank You Everyone!!!

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