Continue with Steemcity?


Hi Steemit Friends,

I just saw a post about GEMS so this will be my first time post in a community - let's hope it works!

Upon checking the progress of my second ay on Steemcity, the Beer Party I held yesterday was a disaster. After paying 5 beer tokens and having the 24 hour party on, I attracted not a single person to my city. I will probably give the party another go or rather spend the money purchasing my cards or from the market to expand my city.

This morning I have received a small amount of SIM tokens for the income my city produced. Unfortunately, I had extra buildings so now I have moved them out so I can maximise my token income to 13 of them tomorrow. Currently with 4 people unemployed, I am not fussed yet. If I put them into other new buildings, this will decrease my daily SIM token so I rather have them unemployed for now.

At this stage, I have spend 20 Steem on the game and if you think this game can get you rich, don't bother. It is a game for fun and sees if you can build a nice city with a good balance for everyone. It is also not a free to play game either. You cannot participate if you don't spend Steem on cards. Would I continue? I would think so considering I have paid my 'entry fee', I would like to see how I go with the small amount I have put in. My city allows me to have 2% chance of getting a new citizen every 2 hours. The game is still very simple, once I play for a few more days, I probably have a better idea if I will continue or not.



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