My new Amazon prime subscription


Hi Steemit Friends,

I have taken the plunge and subscribed to Amazon prime. I didn't subscribe for the movies or music, it was mainly to get express post for the year. If we have decided to pay for movies, Netflix will be the best option. After downloading the app, there were quite a number of shows that were 'prime exclusive' which was pretty good. Keep note that some of the shows may not be too mainstream but there are some that are well known.


Due to the lower amount of movies and shows available at first, I could easily add a few ones of interest to a playlist. Check out some of the ones I have starred already. The one I am excited about is the series hosted by Hitoshi Matsumoto, a Japanese comedian. When I was working in Japan, I remember watching his Batsu show every year and it was a great start to the year watching him and his partner Masatoshi Hamada. I hope to see more Japanese shows on here as I believe there is a big market in Japan for Amazon.




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