Street Road photography "village Area"

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Friends / Guy's

He'll Everyone / He'll Guy's
Hope all is good know, with ouer family and friends
Hope is better than my life, mybe very well, so today my topic on my Village Street, go back to my today topic and start know... 🔙


Guy's last day, in my area very fantastic weather and i make many of beautiful pictures, and i enjoying my culture view in my Village home with my friends, Have a great weekend in my lifetime weather here, ☔💕


Friends, when i see on children is sitting on my street wall, i go and 1st i say, y Are U sitting here, Children say to me, brother, i Don't go back to home, i say Y? He say Brother see street is very bad condition, when i come to here i drop my things 1st time, so i don't go back to my house, so make a picture a sad street boy, 😢👦, child story, so gooo

Guy's, when i see Street, i am very heart, because every person is go walking is, very bad condition, i take some, pictures, i glad for weather, but i nervous for street people's, so i am in midal now, so i back and i think about this street, after my dad come to homes, i say about my street, health and safety issues, so dada say to me, for curation in next month, so i hear this words, when i am glad in my heart is come back, yah seriously, so Beautiful day with beautiful family, chek today my Activity,
Say some things, for Smartphone photography 📱📸😉❣️,






Guy's, it's A big, problems, in my Village area, in bego khel side, when, raining is coming for few hours, after makee big problem for people's, az u seen in picture, a One person come to my side, but very hard walking side by side 😃
"just i shared my culture view in good weather"


Guy's it's see, of My Village Area, By the way it's, front of My Village, internee side, just i shared Weather today, view, enjoy it...


.......... Camera... Huawei mate 10

............... Location... Mianwlali (Tari khel)

............... Category... Street (Story - photography)

............ Date...... Sunday-1st-march-2020

Umeeed krtaa, ho Ap sub loog khereat, sy ho gy, qj kii yhee post, itni zbrdst to nhi ha balky, aj main, apna village side ap logo ko, dikhaa rahaaa, ho jaab, yaah par barish, ziadaa ho jay, to yhee haalat hoty han, chalny, k liay, jagaa nhi hoti, bhoot moahkil paish atti ha, yhe e jagaa, Mianwali k ik city Tari khel main, Dera bego khelo walaaa, par wakiaa ha, umeed ha, yhee kisi ny pehly nhi sonii ho gi, jagaaa😀, but
Aj ki picture's bhot kamaal ki ayii han, chek krnaa, or comment krnaa, mere photography pr, or sub dosoto ka, shukrea for reading, Apnaaa kheal rakahy, such boly, or hak adaa kry, sadkaaa diaaa karay,


@niaziboy ❣️

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